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#MondayMotivation: You Need to Get Out of Your Head!

#MondayMotivation: You Need to Get Out of Your Head!

Monday Motivation

It’s Monday Motivation time! We know, we know – these Mondays are a little weird. They’re not the typical spend eternity in traffic and ponder on why you work for a living Mondays. These ones hit differently. Thanks Pandemic!

Oh well, it’s still the start of a new week and it’s time to get your head in the game – literally!

Do you know that our thoughts have a direct impact on how well we do or what we do? Really – studies show that our actions are a direct representation of the kinds of thoughts we allow. Crazy right? So what does this mean? Well sis, this means, whenever you have damning thoughts that tell you you can’t do something, guess what, that means you can’t. And if you have thoughts that tell you you can do it all and a little bit more, it literally translates to you doing just that.

So what are we saying? You need to get your thoughts in order! Start thinking of the right things and stop thinking wrong thoughts. Stop thinking you’re not good enough. Stop saying you can’t do those things. Refuse to give up, and tell yourself you can do it all while raising a newborn baby and being the best wife. You actually can do it all.

So, we thought we’d keep it short and simple today and simply tell you – Get Out Of Your Head! And if you need some more motivation – we have amazing daily affirmations that we post every day on our Instagram page – @TWMagazineNG. You should check it out!

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Till next week – Stay Motivated!

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