5 Ways Introverts Respond To Anger

how introverts deal with anger

It’s yet another episode on our Introverts series today and this time, we’ll be talking about how Introverts react to the emotion called anger. It is a prevalent emotion but not common amongst introverts as it requires a lot of “pushing”.

In JSS3, I was in the boarding house (and if you’ve ever been to a boarding house, you’ll know that your property = everybody’s property), and someone took my body cream. As expected, I was quite upset at this because it was taken without my permission. After asking calmly and getting no response, my body started vibrating and I ended up doing the unimaginable – I applied hair cream. Eventually, the girl who took my body cream returned it and there was no loss to either of us thankfully. Each time I recall the incident, I just laugh.

Just like extroverts, introverts also get angry and react to anger in different ways and some of the ways are:

  1. Display of independence and self-sufficiency, some introverts when angry become very independent and do not want to ask for help. For instance, when I get angry, it is possible for me to get to school at 5am for a 9am class just to avoid speaking to anyone.
  1. Seeking quiet. A quiet place makes introverts relax and less stimulated emotionally. It is common to see them find a place of quiet when they are angry, as displaying anger is over-stimulation. Quietness helps introverts find their centre.
  1. Monosyllabic responses. When you have stepped on the toe of an introvert and they don’t want to let you know, you would sense it from their response as they’ll use more monosyllables than actual sentences. Expect to hear words like ok, fine, anyhow, good and so on.
  1. Apathy. There is a lack of interest and concern during conversations. When introverts are angry and need to be part of a conversation or discussion, you’ll see that there is no interest in the topic at hand and they are more concerned with when the meeting will be over than anything else.
  1. Cry. Now this, is ME! I am a flowing river when I am angry and some other introverts are like this too. When this happens, it is a sign that the introvert was really hurt by the situation or event that happened.

It is very important to pay attention to the emotions of people to avoid unwarranted responses. Introverts do not get angry easily but when it happens, it can be disastrous so it is better not to experience that side of them.

Have you ever experienced an introvert getting really angry before?

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