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Monday Motivation: Mother’s Day Edition

Monday Motivation: Mother’s Day Edition

Mothers Day 2020

Happy belated Mother’s Day 2020 and welcome to Monday Motivation.

It’s not news that navigating the entrepreneurial world as a woman has its ups and downs. You have to deal with double standards, unfair preconceived notions and people who just don’t think you can do it. God knows we need less of those. And when you add motherhood to the mix, you can pretty much expect the unexpected every, single, day!

But that has not stopped amazing women, like you, from chasing down your career goals, in heels, 1 baby in your belly and 2 in a stroller. We wonder how you do it, but we guess that ‘M’ on your chest either stands for Marvellous or Multitasking.

And while we look to those of you who have gotten this whole working mom thing under control, we look to encourage others. The moms who sometimes feel like their world has to do with everything but them. The ones who have dreams and are trying to find the time to chase them. Moms who juggle kids, inlaws, husbands and employees. The ones who simply try to make it through the day. All the moms who struggle with depression, feeling inadequate, low-self esteem, discouragement, fear, doubt, identity and anxiety.

We encourage you! You are enough. You have everything you need to overcome whatever you’re going through. You have the strength to raise amazing kids, be a remarkable wife, build a successful business, rival any societal pressure and be all that you want to be. We believe in you more than you know. And we celebrate you always!

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Happy Mother’s Day!

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