TW’s You’ve Got This Girl: That Idea Isn’t Going to Come Knocking…You’ve Got to Go After It!

TW's You've Got This Girl

Hey girl! Welcome to a brand new week…it’s time to get you inspired and set for greatness.

As you may or may not know, this segment is designed for you. It is packed with amazing quotes, inspiration and more that should get you set for the week. “TW’s You’ve Got This Girl” is your weekly pep rally and intervention packed all rolled into one.

So here are some words of inspiration to get you going this week!


That Idea Isn’t Going to Come Knocking…You’ve Got to Go After It!

Every now and again, we get stuck. Our barrels of inspiration and motivation starts to run low and we need that extra push to keep going. When this happens, we head to our folder of inspiration. This is basically a folder we keep that has a lot of inspirational quotes and clips that hit home for us (definitely something we’d recommend). We have all sorts in there – quotes from Olori Boye-Ajayi, Beyonce’s 2020 Graduation Address, text messages, memes – you name it. And on this particular occasion, we decided to watch a clip from Tony Robbins that we’ve been hoarding. And we’re glad we did.

Tony said something that really put a lot of things in perspective for us. He said – “Great ideas are never going to interrupt you. They have to be pursued”.

Why did this hit home? Because it highlighted that our hard work is not in vain. It is easy to believe that a lot of the things we desire just don’t want to be ours. That grant is probably being given to someone else, our customers are buying from someone else – the list goes on. But the fact is – good things are earned. All that sweat, grime and hustle will yield positive results – it’s all a matter of when and how.

It’s easy to see Oprah Winfrey today and say she’s doing so amazing, but there were many years when her name wasn’t even known. We can easily look at women doing amazing things today but we forget that everyone has a story. Think of it as those 9 months that you carry your child in your stomach waiting for the day he/she is going to pop out. And once that child gets here, those 9 months of pregnancy seemingly fade away. It’s not that they didn’t happen, it’s just that now that the reward is here, the work doesn’t seem so evident anymore.

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So what are we saying? The work you’re doing is worth it. It will be so worth it. It’s easy to roll some mud into a ball, but to get a diamond, you’ve got to do more work and be more patient with the fiery process.

Today, as you venture into another day and week, we wish you perseverance and patience to keep going. It’s closer than you think.

You’ve got this girl!

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