Being a ‘Happy Introvert’

Happy introverts

It’s another episode on our Introvert series today and we are doing something different today.

Growing up, I have always felt shy around large and unfamiliar crowds but it was something I couldn’t escape as parties for a growing-up teen were regular – if it wasn’t a birthday party, it was a wedding, and there was almost always something to celebrate. I always had to attend these get-togethers regardless of how I felt about them

At the parties, I would sit and stare at all the happenings. People would pass by wondering why I was alone and others would walk up to me asking why I was in the corner.

In time, I started to ask myself questions and wonder if I wasn’t blessed to be an Introvert. Here are some of the blessings (or rather superpowers) I was able to recount:

  1. Listening

    I am a fantastic listener. I enjoy sitting and hearing people talk. My friends and siblings all come to me when they feel like talking and just need someone to hear them talk. My aunts and uncles sometimes do come to me and they would say you are a good listener so I want you to listen to me. This really helps me properly process my response without interruption.

  2. Discernment

    I have a superpower that enables me to know a person or thing at first glance. I can tell if someone is worth it or not but wait for confirmation so as not to pass wrong judgement and also not just conclude based on outer appearance. A lot of the time though, I’m right about people based on this superpower.

  3. Recall

    According to Cox-Fuenzalisa Angie et el, 2006 introverts have a higher level of cortical arousal meaning they have a better memory and ability to recall. In the two decades I have lived, I recall things that even my friends and siblings have forgotten. It’s not that I’m keeping it in mind but when the need arises I easily remember.

  4. Focus

    I am an individual that has focus and does not easily derail from a set part. If I plan to do something, I ensure to follow it through to the last and know that if it doesn’t work out, then it’s for a greater purpose and not for lack of focus, dedication or trying.

Above all for me is happiness. I am happy to be an introvert because it is who I am. I am ME, I’ve accepted it and I’m happy with it. No matter how much I mingle and socialize, I can’t do it better than someone whose nature it is to be that way. I am unapologetically introverted and I love ME.

No matter your nature, always accept and appreciate yourself. As introverts, don’t ever forget that “very little is needed to make a happy life, it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking” —Marcus Aurelias (Fearless Soul)

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Charity Emmanuel is an intern at TW Magazine and a self-proclaimed introvert.

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