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Is It True?

Is It True?

is it true

Welcome to a new week on our introvert series and today, it is you our lovely audience that would help answer the questions on introverts if it is true or not based on what you know and if you are an introvert, you can agree or disagree through your comments.

Some  people have false beliefs about introverts and even extroverts but some may be facts and others myths or stereotypes. It is just left to you to decide which you know and believe. Below are some “is it true” statements that we look forward to to your response on:

1. All introverts are quiet.

2. Introverts are lonely people.

3. Introverts are nerds/book worms.

4. Introverts are/ aren’t good leaders.

5. Introverts are smarter or more intellectual than extroverts.

6. Introverts dislike being around people.

7. Introverts  are always serious.

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8. Introverts have phobia for public speaking.

9. Introverts are rude people and lack emotion.

10. Introverts are boring.

Please do let us know in the comment section which you believe and don’t believe.

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