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tw Movie Ticket: Isoken

tw Movie Ticket: Isoken

Movie ticket today takes us to see the much acclaimed Isoken Movie, written and directed by Jade Osiberu. There has been quite some hype surrounding this one, and I just had to go see it.

As they say, seeing is believing.

The movie opened with an appetizer of beautiful pictures and stunning set design, showcasing the sumptuous and lavish life style of high society.  In this world lives Isoken, a beautiful and successful woman but according to Nigerian culture, has committed a taboo by being unmarried at 34 years old. To top it all up, her younger sister is getting married and Isoken is not even in a relationship. As preparations are made for her younger sister’s wedding, her mum, worried that she might never tie the knot, decides to set her up with a suitable match in the form of a wealthy Nigerian bachelor, Osaze played by Joseph Benjamin.

The matchmaking seems to be going well till Isoken accidentally meets a quirky, fun guy called Kevin (played by Mark Rhys) who with time falls for but is stuck in a love triangle and a sticky situation as Kevin is not Nigerian but ‘Oyinbo’, a white man.

At the end of the movie we get to see whom she chooses, but that’s for me to know and for you to find out…

The production of this movie was definitely topnotch and one would be able to appreciate the hard work put into making it as it was fun to watch and very relatable to modern Nigerian society. However, the story felt like something we had seen before, because of the recent avalanche of wedding related movies; so, it could be easily forgettable.

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However, the casting and acting was pretty good for the most part; each actor held their own especially Tina Mba who played Isoken’s mother; she was arguably the most fun to watch in my opinion.

Anyway, Isoken was still a good attempt and something I’d recommend for a mother and daughter movie night. See the movie, let me know what you think and who knows, we might be seeing a movie together soon.

Review By Shirley Anne Oke.

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