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10 Things Introverts Don’t Like

10 Things Introverts Don’t Like

Things Introverts don't like

You must have come across the word introvert or even heard it but wonder what it actually means and what attributes are ascribed to these individuals. In clear, simple terms introverts are quiet, reserved and calm people. They have been divided into four main types by Jennifer Grimes, Jonathan Cheek and Julie Norem which are social introverts, thinking introverts, anxious introverts and restrained introverts but this is not the focus of today’s article.

10 things introverts don’t like would be briefly examined below although their dislikes are not limited to these.

1. Being called ‘shy’.

Introverts don’t appreciate being called shy as they may not necessarily be shy but just have withdrawn personalities. It thus goes without saying, that all introverts are NOT shy.

2. Lousy People.

Introverts like myself, don’t like loud people one bit and this is somewhat linked to the functionality of our brains and our sensitivity which is not based on hate or extreme dislike for extroverts.

3. Repeating Themselves.

“Eh eh” “speak out”, “louder”, “I can’t hear u” are words they don’t like. This is especially when they are talking to someone or a group of people. It is upsetting- because they are speaking clearly but the outside noise of an extrovert world makes it seem like they aren’t.

4. Crowded places.

Places that are jam-packed 24/7 like banks, and local markets get introverts tensed and self-aware. Add to it concerts and clubs too.

5. Public Speaking.

Unlike extroverts, introverts avoid addressing large and unfamiliar crowds. This gives them cold feet and stammering sets in. But don’t worry, if they absolutely have to do it, they have the grit to make it happen.

6. Answering/ Making phone calls.

Talking to people on the phone would excite anyone but my kind i.e. introverts. Unfamiliar contacts especially increase their heartbeat. There is WhatsApp, messenger and every social media platform has a DM, pls use it instead.

7. Being in the spotlight.

Both negative and positive attention is a whole lot of work for introverts.

8. Invasion of personal Space.

“Please move back, you are in my space” is something you would most likely hear from an introvert but maybe not in these exact words. Introverts adore their personal space without unwelcome interruptions.

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9. Dramatic People.

For me, of all the dislikes of introverts, this is the one I hate the most. I don’t like attention-seeking people or as Nigerians would say “notice me”.

10. Insignificant discussions.

As much as introverts are good listeners, they don’t have the luxury of time for unproductive discussions or random talk just for the sake of talking.

Regardless of what you may think about Introverts, always remember……….. Quiet people have the loudest minds.

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Charity Emmanuel is an intern at TW Magazine and a self-proclaimed introvert.

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