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‘Proteinitious’ Delights

‘Proteinitious’ Delights

By IquohUkoh

Though as they say, one man’s meat is another man’s poison, every one agrees that protein can become pretty boring over time, hence discovering different yet interesting ways to prepare them is a needed. Chef Iquoh has picked the three staples of Chicken, Fish and Beef as base for some creative twist to known ways of cooking them.


Chicken in Orange juice
4 Chicken parts
2 -3 oranges
1 clove Garlic( crushed and chopped)
2 Yellow Pepper( coarsely ground)
1 cooking spoon Vegetable oil
1 tablespoon Olive Oil
Whole Onion
Chicken seasoning
Some Irish Potato

1, Season Chicken with chicken seasoning and salt and set aside for 30 minutes
2, Heat up the oil and brown the chicken on all sides and place in a baking tray or oven casserole dish
3,Squeeze on the orange juice, add the garlic, pepper, peel potato ,onion chunks and carrot. Grate on half the skin of the orange skin( rind) to add more orangey flavor. Cover baking tray with kitchen foil to allow the food cook and prevent the orange juice from drying out. Take out the tray after 15 minutes , turn the chicken to allow all parts absorb the orange flavor.
Return to oven and continue cooking for another 15 minutes.
4, Check to be sure potato is cooked remove , the foil for about 5 minutes before removing the product from the oven.
5, Serve hot.

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Mackerel Fish in Spicy Batter
Whole Mackerel  fish ( fillet)
Fish seasoning
Salt to taste
1/2 Lemon or Lime
Pancake Batter( 1cup plain flour + 1egg+200ml milk)

1, Mix ingredients for the  batter and set aside for about 10 minutes
2, Fillet the fish and cut into strips , season with salt, fish seasoning and a lime juice.
3, Heat the oil, dip each strip in the batter and fry till golden brown. Ensure the oil is not too hot so the fish can cook through
4, Drain the fried fish on kitchen paper to take out some oil
5, Serve with yogurt dip or any other dip of choice..

How to make Yogurt dip ?
Use 1tablespoon creamy yogurt,squeeze some lemon into yogurt add some chopped Chilli and basil, mix well and use as desired.

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