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Why Introverts Love Rainy Days

Why Introverts Love Rainy Days

Introverts & Rainy Days

Welcome back to a new week on our introvert series. Today it’s all about Introverts & rainy days like this month of September.

Since the beginning of September, “I never see road pass go anywhere“. Everywhere is flooded. The upside is that the weather is calm (when the rain isn’t causing a rucus), unlike when the scorching sun is out and everyone is everywhere trying to get their daily bread.

Introverts really enjoy the calmness, coolness and stillness the rains bring with them. No cars horning, no people shouting about, no speakers blaring and hopefully, no phones ringing. The sound of the rain drowns everything out. Best of all, my little sister is peacefully sleeping.

We are naturally quiet people who like our space and when it’s pouring heavily, it gives us time to be with ourselves and away from any form of “stress or mental turmoil”.


Other obvious reasons why I love rainy days
  1. A rainy day is an excuse to not act, do something or be part of an activity.
  2. I can read a novel in peace and with loads of quiet
  3. Maybe just Netflix and chill
  4. It’s a weather for two like Nigerians say


According to a behavioural sleep medicine specialist called Dr. Shelby Harris,

“constant rainfall noises help make the brain lull which leads to the brain going to sleep, covers external noise and induces a more meditative state of mind that brings relaxation and with this you would anticipate the next rain because you want to stay at home and cool ur mind and body.”

Do you agree?

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You know we definitely agree with Dr. Harris and can say this is the exact reason why Introverts & rainy days go together like a house on fire.

See you next week.

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Charity Emmanuel is an intern at TW Magazine and a self-proclaimed introvert.

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