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I was sitting in the midst of a large crowdmy headphones plugged in, listening to Beyonce’s I WAS HERE. As I sat in that crowd, taking in the people around me and wondering what the New Year had in store for me, a thought struck me in that moment. I realized the whole point to living is to get the ultimate prize. What’s the ultimate prize you might ask? It’s different for everyone, but for me, the ultimate prize is to leave my mark in the sands of time long after I am gone.

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That crowd was full of people with different background and orientation. Many of us have lost our voices, we no longer have a mind of our own. We’ve lost the discipline to learn who we truly are and discover what we are called to be. 

We live in a generation where everything is instant.We want everything done and delivered quickly…

Every instant offering is a fleeting distraction taking us further and further away from, and deeper and deeper into the addiction of self. We lose sight of our uniqueness in a swimming crowd of identical selfies, arched feathered brows and ruby woo. Yet we cannot all be the same.

A crowd is as diverse as the number of people within it. Our faces,thoughts, personalities, purposes, goals, ambitions and visions are unique, or least they should be. Each one of us has a unique offering to our world and it would be tragic if we died with all the untapped capacity that God has bestowed on us.

Dig deep and draw strength from within you. Be tenacious in pressing toward the ultimate prize. Don’t grow weary, do everything you can so in the end you can sing like the lyrics of the song “I WAS HERE”

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At the end of 2017 I want to be able to say, I WAS HERE, I made my mark.

Let’s do it together. Go Make Your Mark.

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