How to Age Gracefully…Just like Kate Henshaw!

How to Age Gracefully

Trying to figure out how to age gracefully? Well, we have the perfect example for you!

Today is Nollywood fave & veteran Kate Henshaw’s 50th birthday, and it’s safe to say we all have not thought on our minds – that’s one good-looking 50 year old. Kate has been on our screens since the 90s and today she’s celebrating her golden jubilee.

But how does Kate look so good?

Taking a walk down memory lane, we can see some great habits that kate has developed over the years that have definitely contributed to her youthful look. Yes, black don’t crack, but that’s not for lack of trying.

So, if you don’t want to look like a raisin by the time you’re 50, here are some habits you might want to try mastering that kate does very well.

Stay Active

Staying active is a great way to slow down the ageing process. You cannot go 10 minutes talking about Kate Henshaw without talking about her amazing physique. And she credits this to her exercise habits. Over the years, Kate has become a very serious advocate for exercise and being healthy. She hosts regular workout sessions on her Instagram Live and now has a YouTube channel dedicated to helping you get in and stay in shape. Ad if you’re not keen on working out, there are many other ways to stay active – dance, walking, running, swimming – just find what works for you!

So, if you want to get this journey started now, here’s a great workout for you to get started!

Care for Your Skin

One of the best benefits of staying active is the amazing impact it has on your skin. As you move your body and sweat, you expel dirt, excess oils and more that could potentially block your pores and lead to acne, dull skin and more. Kate not only works out which helps care for her skin, she also uses ingredients like retinol and vitamin c to maintain great looking skin.


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Be Happy

Another great tip on how to age gracefully, which is often overlooked is being happy. Maintaining a happy state actually plays a huge role in how well you age. Harvard research shows that the older people get, the happier they become and this is largely due to better relationships. According to Robert Waldinger (Psychiatrist, Massachusetts General Hospital & Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School) says – “When we gathered together everything we knew about them about at age 50, it wasn’t their middle-age cholesterol levels that predicted how they were going to grow old. It was how satisfied they were in their relationships. The people who were the most satisfied in their relationships at age 50 were the healthiest at age 80.”

So today, decide to be happy and build worthwhile relationships. Kate is always showing up for loved ones and celebrates her friends birthdays on social media and in person. Do more of that and you’re on your way to ageing better.


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Smile & Love Yourself

Another great way to be happy is showing love to yourself. Over 80% of our thoughts are negative, and we have over 12,000 – 50,000 thoughts per day. That’s a lot of negativity coming our way, and that doesn’t include the negativity we get from others. So wouldn’t it be better if we show ourselves more love?

Irrespective of how things may be in her quiet time, Kate always has a smile on. She dances, smiles, celebrates herself and tries to live in love. We encourage you to do the same. For every negative thought you have about or towards yourself, counter it by repeating a positive thought 7 times. Make this a habit until your mind is programmed to think more positively.

Surround Yourself with the Right Ambience

And last but not least, surround yourself with positivity. One of our favourite moments of Kate Henshaw is her interview with Nancy Isime on the Nancy Isime show. In the interview, Kate explained how she maintains her positivity with music and surrounding herself with the right ambience.

You have to remember that you are in control of your environment and no one gets to determine what that environment looks like but you. If something doesn’t kindle joy, cut it down. Self-preservation is very important.


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And there you have it – some great tips on how to age gracefully like Kate Henshaw. If you’d like more tips, we’d be happy to provide them. Until then, be healthy and happy – and happy birthday Kate henshaw!

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