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Introverts and Christmas

Introverts and Christmas


Hurray!! It is that time of the year again to show love and travel to the village and show that “I have money”. But aren’t you curious about how that introverted friend, sister, boyfriend, girlfriend and family member feel about the Christmas season?

Yes, Christmas is a time for celebration and relaxation as well as going out to parties, clubs and events but it might be a bit exhausting for introverts because of the nature of the season and month – December, where “everyday na party” – though anticipated.

Some of the things introverts like myself would likely do this season are:

1. Spend time with family and friends

this is regular for some but for the season, we are very willing and excited to bond with our own. This gives us a chance to be a part of the season with people we cherish.

2. Going to the cinema

The cinema with its large screen, is a very relaxing place to find an introvert. That incredible feeling of seeing a movie in the dark, add the sound effect and all is perfect for an introvert this December.

3. Online shopping

avoid the crowds and hoards of people doing Christmas shopping or following others to do Christmas shopping by just sitting in the comfort of your house to window shop or get your Christmas shopping list sorted.

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4. Playing Video games

All play and no work can never make Jack a dull boy. You know it and I know it. It’s no work and no school season, loads of time to chill and play my favourite video games until I fall asleep.

5. Self spoilage

You heard it here first! How often do you do stuff for yourself? Take yourself out, treat yourself to a meal? Well, introverts would most likely not do this aside from a birthday. Alas, there is really no time like the present to splurge on one’s self.

It is important to note that December is all about love in all its forms and so every personality type – including introverts – should enjoy and look forward to it. Keep showing love this season and a happy new month to you our special audience.

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