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Our first installment of the #THISISHOWIDOIT series is an African inspired dessert. This original recipe from Chef Dumebi is made with peanut butter from Uwa Earth- a whole foods line out of Nigeria.

CHEF’S NOTE: Use an organic or unrefined peanut butter to maintain the rich flavor of the peanuts. Transforming your peanut butter into peanut custard makes your tarts even more decadent. It may seem time consuming to prepare, but this impressive dessert is well worth it in the end.
STEP ONE: Prepare the Tart Base
You’ll need:
250g flour
125g butter
A pinch of salt
Ice cold water
• Place flour and salt in bowl
• Mix together sparingly aerating the flour in the process
• Pinch butter into flour until you have coarse loose crumbs
• Add some water to bind the dough together. Ensure the dough is not runny
• Roll out the dough and cut out in a circle
• Place in an oiled tart tin
• To prevent dough from rising, place baking sheet on dough and pour pastry beans
• Bake for 10mins at 180° until it turns golden brown

STEP TWO: Prepare Peanut Butter Custard
You’ll need:
1tbsp Peanut butter
4 Egg yolks
1/2 cup Caster Sugar
8oz milk
Condensed milk
• Place peanut butter in a bowl
• Whisk until it’s light, then add honey and condensed milk
• Mix until you have a paste, then set aside
• Place egg yolk in a bowl, pour in sugar, then whisk until it’s light and fluffy (or until the color changes to a lighter shade)
• Pour milk in a pan and heat up to simmer
• Pour in the egg yolk, mix and and stir until you have a paste. Do not boil
• Stir in peanut butter mix and serve

You’ll need:
Tart base
Peanut butter custard
Brown sugar
• Pour 1tbsp of peanut butter custard in tart base and spread over the base
• Slice banana and place over the custard
• Sprinkle brown sugar over bananas
• Using a blow torch, caramelize sugar on bananas then serve. In the absence of a blow torch, place in a hot oven to caramelize for a few minutes.

Serve and Enjoy.


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CHEF’S BIO: Dumebi Agbakoba stands by the principle of simple honest food. Naturally gifted in cooking, she advanced her culinary skills by undertaking courses at renowned culinary schools in London like Le Cordon Bleu and Leith’sSchool of Food and Wine. Her Gourmet fusion approach to food is evident when creating menus for private dinner parties. Her ability to create a menu which is fused with culinary techniques of Modern European, Nigerian cuisine and her love for Asian cuisine makes her food stand out.
Dumebi is the creative director of two successful restaurants; Samantha’s Bistro and Due by Chef Dish.
You can connect with her on her on:

Instagram: @iamchefdish @samanthasbistro
Address: Samantha’s; 2 Olawale Daodu, off Kingsway road, Ikoyi.

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