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#THISISHOWIDOIT – Kunu My Way with Ego Boyo

#THISISHOWIDOIT – Kunu My Way with Ego Boyo

A few weeks ago I overheard Ego Boyo waxing a song and a psalm over the Kunu from her kitchen. Naturally, I was curious and asked her what was so special about her Kunu. She was kind enough to share the family secret with me and our TW family. You will want to save this one as a favorite. Ego Boyo shares her famous Kunu recipe with Ebun Feludu in an exclusive TW #ThisIsHowIDoIT. Enjoy.

Kunu my way with Ego Boyo

I am an Igbo girl so you may wonder why Kunu? Well it was Ramadan and my family always go on about kunu. How great it is, filling and a little something to break your fast after not eating the whole day. All that and I had never tried it.

A little history, Kunu is a drink from northern Nigeria. It is one of those drinks everyone has access to. The ingredients contain nutrients which obviously make it good for you as well, although that’s not why I tried it ?

So a year ago, during another fast , everyone was in raptures over Kunu, so I decided to be adventurous and give it a try, and ????????.
Rice kunu is refreshing with it’s texture and spices. It’s also versatile. You can have it bland ( but really why?) or you can add cinnamon, cloves, ginger and pepper just about any taste to make it uniquely yours.. and that’s what we do at Chez Boyo

Here’s how…

Ingredients all available in the market and cheap too

Pap flour made from millet ground with fresh ginger and pepper







Boil rice and millet pellets and chopped up ginger in 2-3 cups of water for 20 mins till the rice is cooked.

Mix water from boiled rice with millet powder

Add small 150g tub of yogurt, sugar to taste , 2 table spoons of pap and half a tea spoon of pepper, mix into a watery consistency
Add the water from the boiled rice and millet mix

And then put into a pot to cook over medium heat for 5 minutes, use a sieve and separate and remove the rice, ginger and millet or leave the rice/ginger/ millet in the drink ( we do).
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Pour into a flask or tea pot and drink.. there’s a little surprise with each sip, a bit of ginger or some rice


Ego Boyo is a Film Maker/ Producer and CEO Temple Productions

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