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Luxurious Destinations to Detox & Unplug!

Luxurious Destinations to Detox & Unplug!

Shanti Som

There’s nothing like self-care. Taking the time out to truly care for you is very important. Self-care gives you moments of tranquility and Zen where you don’t have to worry about your boss and deadlines, laundry days and school runs and even spending hours in traffic. Those days are the ones we truly look forward to. But the question then is where can we spend those days? Where can we go that has the essential components that will help you relax and unplug from the usual hustle and bustle of your life? What places can give you a holistic experience that rejuvenates your mind and body?

You won’t need a Google search for this one. I have curated 5 of the best places to visit that will give you that Zen you need and, if we’re being honest, deserve.

Take a look at where you might be spending some detox time very soon;

Kamalaya – Thailand

Kamalaya Spa
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Nestled in a valley that overlooks the coast of Koh Samui this award-winning sanctuary and holistic spa awaits you. The wellness programs here focus on creating a stimulating environment by supporting the individual aspirations of each guest. They offer treatments like their De-Stress Asian Bliss and Basic Balance & Revitalize treatments in helping you accept change and enhance sleep.

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Shanti Som – Spain

Shanti Som
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Now, travel with us to the exotic land of Spain where we have the serene health retreat of Shanti Som. This sacred place aims to counterbalance the stress of modern life and does this with detoxing, helping you regain your energy and find your balance. With amazing treatments and lush natural habitat, rejuvenation is closer than you think.

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