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The Ajali Carrot Seed Oil is an all-natural oil which has multiple benefits a lot of which we need now, during the rainy season and even after the rainy season.

With the rains in full swing, it is natural for us to assume we don’t need extra moisture and most definitely we don’t need sun protection. But alas, that is not true.

It is understandable for one to think there is no dryness in the atmosphere, the skin remains supple and on the occasional cloudy day, you can go outside with no fear of the sun.

However, skincare experts tell us that come rain or shine, summer or winter, we are to wear sunscreen all year round.

Here’s why – there are 2 types of Ultra-violet rays emitted by the sun. They are UVA and UVB rays.

UVA Rays:

Ultraviolet A rays, also called “long wave” rays, are most of the rays that reach the surface of the Earth. They penetrate deeper and are the rays responsible for signs of aging (like dark spots and wrinkles). They also can initiate skin cancers. These are the rays that make you tanner. They penetrate glass and clouds.

UVB Rays:

Ultraviolet B rays, or “shortwave” rays, don’t penetrate as deeply. They’re what cause redness/darkness and sunburns. These are greatly reduced on cloudy days or rainy days.

As you can see, sunscreen protects us not just from sunburns when the sun is out but also from skin damage on cloudy or rainy days.

But there is no need to add one more product layer over your cleanser, exfoliant, serums, moisturiser, toner and all whatnot. This Carrot seed oil from Ajali Naturals packs a pretty punch for such a small bottle.

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Ajali carrot seed oil

The Ajali Carrot Seed oil is an all-encompassing natural product that

  • delivers moisture,
  • protects from the sun,
  • has antioxidant and anti-ageing properties and
  • is packed with vitamin C.

You can check out this article here for more benefits of carrot seed oil.

So, protect your skin this rainy season with this 4-in-1 natural product. Your skin will thank you for it.

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