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#TWReviews – Mini BlackUp Makeup Collection

#TWReviews – Mini BlackUp Makeup Collection

BlackUp Review

BlackUp is a line of french luxury makeup for African skin. Making a comeback into the Nigerian beauty scene, we are pleased to see them again as we can’t get enough of their matte products which have made the makeup process enjoyable for the Nigerian woman.

While with other products, barriers against oil getting to the surface of the skin is paramount to ensure long-lasting makeup, with BlackUp, we don’t have to worry too much about that and here’s why:

BlackUp Matte Foundation

  • Mattifying Fluid Foundation

Foundation is the first step in our makeup process and is the first thing that goes wrong if oily skin gets in the way. The BlackUp Mattifying Fluid Foundation is a game-changer because – it is fluid (which makes the application and blending an absolute breeze to go through), it is matte (which means you can be rest assured your makeup will last longer before you need to touch up) and it is medium-full coverage (as long as you apply it with stippling motions). That’s 3 challenges that this foundation solves thereby eliminating some steps in your routine – primer and fewer touch-ups – and giving you less worry.

BlackUp concealer

  • High Coverage Concealer

This concealer goes on with a thick consistency and is almost immediately matte so you need to work quickly. The consistency is a guarantee of no-under-eye creasing and I KID YOU NOT! There is a school of thought that believes in leaving under-eye concealer for a little while longer so it provides a bit more coverage and doesn’t blend out so as not to be visible but not this product. You need to work quickly otherwise, it pretty much is immovable.

BlackUp eyebrow pencil

  • Matte Eyebrow Pencil

There are 2 things I value the most in eyebrow pencils – pigment and softness. Some people prefer thicker pencils for the eyebrows so it doesn’t move when the skin produces oil or sweat but honestly, the product moving is not even a thought with the BlackUp matte eyebrow pencil. A little application of this goes a long way and it dries matte. Add the fact that it can serve the dual purpose of being a matte lip liner and we have a winner right here.

  • Ombre Lips Duo

This is a MUST in lip recommendations – especially for beginners yet to understand the kind of colours for lining the lips. It comes with a label, literally. With this single product, you can create a week’s worth of lip looks with none of them ever being the same. I can’t wait to play with this product fully and create a lot of lovely red-based lip looks.

  • Kohl Waterproof 12H Pencil

It says ‘NO TRANSFER’ and you better believe it is no transfer. This is by far my favourite product in the little collection received and I’m sure I could use this every day if left to my own devices. The pigment in this pencil is unbelievable. It is soft, creamy, pigmented and blendable. Yes, it is blendable especially when you use a brush right after application. Don’t take this pencil for granted at all as it can also serve as a very, very, very vibrant blue eyeshadow or eyeliner which will last allllllll day, come rain or shine.

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BlackUp Blush & Highlighter duo

  • Blush & Highlighter Duo

This product confuses me, lol. Mainly because the package is different from the usual BlackUp products we know. Is it a collection? or a collaboration? or a Limited Edition series? Who knows? Anyway, as it says, it is a blush and highlighter in one. However, I must say that the highlighter in this particular duo will be tricky on darker-skinned people as it has a pinkish hue to it. I like that although the blush isn’t as super pigmented as the other products, it still shows up without a lot of fuss and the highlighter isn’t chunky at all but goes on really fine on the skin.

BlackUp Review

Did I mention how pigmented the products are? I hope I did and I hope you understand that it means you get value for money as a little product will go a long way and so you’ll get to enjoy your lovely BlackUp haul for much longer.

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