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All the Reasons Why Wearing Satin Bonnets is Way More than a Trend!

All the Reasons Why Wearing Satin Bonnets is Way More than a Trend!

What are Bonnest used for

Have you been seeing satin bonnets everywhere but wondering what satin bonnets are used for? Well, we’re going to give you a crash course. In this post, we’ll be letting you know what they are, how to use them and their benefits.

Now, we know you wish there was a way you could wake up in the morning and have perfect hair – No tangles and no dryness! Oh, wait, there actually is – by sleeping with satin/silk bonnets.

what are satin bonnets used for

Satin hair bonnets are a staple for protecting your hair at night, especially if you’re trying to preserve your natural hairstyle or your curls. Like a good silk pillowcase or a trusty no-crease tie, the benefit of satin lining is that it helps reduce friction and hair damage while you’re tossing and turning in your sleep. Also, If you apply products to your hair before bed like coconut oil, this accessory will ensure that you don’t ruin your new linen sheets, not to mention, your blowout.

Below is a list of reasons why satin hair bonnets should be used by every natural hair queen;

Healthier Hair

With a satin bonnet, you can confidently say goodbye to split ends! It protects your hair from the dryness caused by friction between your hair and moisture-absorbing materials such as cotton. This also helps to greatly reduce breakage, tangles and thinning which gives you healthier hair.

Better Looking Hair

If you have curly or wavy hair, you know that sleep can cause a serious mess that can be very hard to fix. Sleeping with a satin bonnet helps keep the curls’ shape and style without causing kinks and bumps. It also keeps hair from getting frizzy and poofy.

Moisturized & Hydrated Hair

Satin bonnets help to keep your hair hydrated. Sleeping on cotton is known to dry out your hair from root to tips. So, sleeping with different fabric like satin or silk can help preserve that moisture.

what are satin bonnets used for

Prevents Headache

Have you ever had your hair in a bun or ponytail and wondered why you suddenly have a headache? Well, chances are you pulled your bun or ponytail too tight. A quick solution is a satin bonnet. They make putting your hair aside for a good night’s rest easier, and headache-free.

Saves you Time

If you’re waking up super early to give yourself enough time to straighten, curl or un-kink your hair, you’ll love this! Sleeping on satin can help retain your hair’s style. So, if you have more time at night to tackle the straightener, do it, put a satin cap over it and sleep in!

Protects your Hairstyle

If you’ve invested time or money into a hairstyle for a special occasion like a wedding or prom, the last thing you want to do is to sleep on it and destroy your hard work. You can wear a satin bonnet to minimize friction and keep your look intact for your big day.

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Promotes Longer Hair

If you’re trying to grow your hair out but having a difficult time, one of the problems may be that your hair is breaking while you sleep. Wearing a satin bonnet to bed helps minimize breakage which will help you grow longer hair.

what are satin bonnets used for

Satin Bonnets are great in protecting your hair from rough damaging cotton pillowcases and bedsheets. Cotton bedding can be damaging to the scalp and hair that which can lead to breakage, pulling, and frizz problems over time.  Not only do satin bonnets create a buffer from the hard surface of cotton sheets, but satin bonnets also help in retaining natural moisture and oils in the scalp.

Ready to take your hair to the next level? Get a satin bonnet today!

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