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So, Folu Storms Combed Out Her Locs After 8 Years & Here’s How You Can Too!

So, Folu Storms Combed Out Her Locs After 8 Years & Here’s How You Can Too!

How to Loosen Locs

It’s a whole new look for Producer & Media personality, Folu Storms. She’s decided to take out her locs after 8 years and is sharing this very “spiritual” journey with us.

In her new vlog, she’s sharing why she took this decision and how to loosen locs and still maintain your natural hair. Her video is highly informative and we’ve curated a few nuggets for you.

  • It takes a while. It took Folu 9 days to loosen her locs. Each loc took about 20 – 40 minutes to take down.
  • You might need help. She had to hire help so she wouldn’t spend eternity loosening her locs.
  • You can either use a rat tail comb or a plastic toothpick or needle to take it out delicately.
  • If you’re choosing to loosen your locs as opposed to cutting it off, then be prepared for breakage. A lot of breakage.
  • You need to use some conditioner and oil. Your hair needs to be saturated to loosen it up. Folu recommends using olive oil so you have more slip which will help in the takedown process.

How to Loosen Locs

Here’s what she said regarding her decision to loosen her locs’

On the 1st of January 2021 I started combing out my Locs of over 8 years.

It was a decision I had considered carefully and In this video I share with you why I came to this decision and how it was possible to comb out my locs and retain my loose natural hair.

I did my best to answer questions I’ve been asked in real life and online already but I’m certain some of you will have even more questions, so if I’ve missed out anything comment below and I will respond as best as I can!

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Happy new Year and may we all be blessed with the courage to live the life we truly desire!



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