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Skincare Resolutions You Can Still Start Today!

Skincare Resolutions You Can Still Start Today!

Skincare Resolutions

Hey girl, you can still make those skincare resolutions you need so much.

When a lot of people hear the word ‘Resolution’ they think of long tedious hours of making sure you meet the goals you’ve set for yourself. But in reality, Resolutions can range from long hours of working hard to a couple of minutes a day of simple tasks. Being that this is our Freedom issue, I’ll take you through the easy route of tackling something we definitely feel should be on your New Years Resolutions List – Better Skincare.

To help you get a better handle on your skin this year, I’ve come up with 8 simple to-the-point Skincare Resolutions you can start achieving right now. They’re so direct and do-able that you’d have no reason to look back on 2020 and mourn your skin.

Here they are;

Care for ALL Your Skin

Skincare doesn’t stop at the neck. Beyond your delicate face you also have to care for the rest of your body like your knees, elbows, heels, legs, back etc. Neglecting them will give you a dull and dim appearance.

Wash Your Face for at least 60 Seconds Daily

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This particular technique has proven to be quite effective in ensuring you have clean skin always. Take your time to massage your forehead, the bridge of your nose and temples (side of your forehead, between forehead & ear) for the ultimate relaxing experience.

Use Sunscreen Daily

This might seem like an over-flogged topic, but we will keep on teaching it. Sunscreen helps reduce the darkening of dark marks & acne scars, not to mention how it prevents diseases and reduces the effects of UV rays that could lead to cancerous illnesses.

See a Dermatologist

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See Also

One of the main reasons why most women shy away from Dermatologists is pricing. The good ones can be pricey, and that’s why we suggest gearing up financially for a yearly visit to the Dermatologist.

This will help you know if you’re using the right skincare products and what you might be doing wrong.

Get Moisture

From drinking water to moisturizing your face and overall body, your body needs moisture always. Something as simple as using a moisturizer at night can lead to brighter, more supple and more even skin. Skin without moisture ends up looking dull and dehydrated and that’s not good for your overall appearance.

And that’s our song and dance. You can choose to take our word for it and practice these Resolutions every day, or you can keep doing the same thing you’ve been doing and getting the same results. The choice is truly yours but we hope you take our advice.

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