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Shampoo Guides for All Hair Types

Shampoo Guides for All Hair Types

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Using shampoo on your hair for that clean ocean breeze smell is what crowns the perfect bathtime. We can all say that having grease and grime on our scalp isn’t very appealing. But Shampoo is by no means one-size-fits-all – the differ widely.

Finding the perfect match could mean the end of oily locks or desert-dry split ends. Here’s a simple guide to picking the best shampoo for your hair type.

Dry Hair

Shampoo hair

For this type of hair, moisture is key! Whether your hair has been dried out from excessive heat, chemical treatments, time out in the sun or the pool, you’ll need a shampoo that moisturizes. Look out for a Moisture Renewal Hydrating Shampoo and apply daily.

Damaged Hair

Shampoo hair

Just like dry hair, damaged hair is typically a result of excessive heat or chemical/color treatments. If you choose to get frequent highlights or run a flat iron through your hair every day, be sure to use damage remedy or restructuring shampoo.

Color-Treated Hair

Shampoo hair

Luckily, there are some amazing products created just for us ladies and men who love to change our hair color on the regular. To keep your hair healthy, shiny and strong, try shampoos indicated specifically for color-treated hair.

Frizzy Hair

Shampoo hair

Frizzy hair is annoying, plain and simple. It’s a constant battle to avoid over-moisturizing, resulting in greasy, heavy hair. But, you can’t throw out moisturizing altogether if you want to eliminate frizz. Instead, go for pro-moisture, “Frizz-Immunity” Shampoo to tame the frizz.

Oily Hair

Shampoo hair

Oily hair can be a pain sometimes. And though it is probably your instinct to wash your hair more often, it’s not the best thing for those shiny looking locks. Balancing shampoos are perfect for oily hair. Washing only a couple of times a week to avoid stripping your hair of its nutrients.

Curly Hair

Curly hair and frizzy hair go hand in hand. It’s even more challenging to find a shampoo that can eliminate frizz and help form beautiful curls. Find shampoos that rid your hair of build-up that might be flattening it without stripping it of necessary oils and nutrients.

Flat Hair


If you have oily or fine hair, you’re more likely to suffer from flat hair syndrome, but it’s nothing a little volumizing shampoo can’t handle. Shampoo around the scalp, avoiding the ends of your hair. This will give your hair an extra boost, but keep the natural shine at the ends.

Hair With Product Buildup

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A good hairspray, root lifter, and conditioner can do wonders, but after a while, it’ll line your hair with a buildup that will eventually weigh it down. If you use these products frequently, try using shampoos with apple-cider to rid your hair of buildup.

Hair That Won’t Grow

Hair stops growing for a number of reasons (breakage, damage, dryness) but there are shampoos that help to strengthen and moisturize hair so nothing can hold them back from growing.

Aging Hair

As we age, hair tends to lose a little bit of that life it had in its younger years. Age-defying shampoos will help give your strands the boost they need.

Hair That Falls Out

There’s nothing worse than combing through your hair and watching half of it come out on the comb. Hair loss can result from weak or damaged hair, as well as aging. It’s important to use organic shampoo for hair loss prevention to keep those strands where they’re meant to be.

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