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From Eucharia’s Brows to Dakore’s Locs, These Veteran Nollywood Actresses Set Beauty Trends in Nigeria

From Eucharia’s Brows to Dakore’s Locs, These Veteran Nollywood Actresses Set Beauty Trends in Nigeria

Veteran Nollywood Actresses Eucharia Anunoni

What’s not to love about our veteran Nollywood actresses & their beauty looks? From Eucharia Anunobi’s arched eyebrows to Dakore Egbuson-Akande’s locs, these veterans set beauty trends. They helped dictate the beauty and hair trends that a few generations grew up loving and wearing. And we would be amiss not to celebrate their fabulous contributions.

So sit back and relax – let’s take you on a throwback ride you’ll love!

Eucharia Anunobi

Veteran Nollywood Actresses

All hail the trendsetter. Eucharia gave us back to back looks when it came to her beauty looks. Her eyebrows, lip combinations and hairstyles were always unique. She told us it was okay to arch your brows in black and wine and werk it. And let’s not forget she was never the one to mess with in her movies. In a sense, arching your brows gave us that Eucharia fire!

Shan George

Veteran Nollywood Actresses

There was hardly ever a time where we saw Shan George without a short hairstyle. From wigs to her short blonde signature curly hair, she was never shy to show off her cropped hairstyles. And this, in part, gave Nigerian women the confidence to go out and rock blonde looks or short hair themselves.

Genevieve Nnaji

Veteran Nollywood Actresses

There’s a reason why Genevieve was always referred to as the natural beauty. She gave us simple & nude glam more times than we can count. Genevieve helped Nigerian women realize that you didn’t need a lot to look pretty and less can indeed be more.

Clarion Chukwura

Veteran Nollywood Actresses

No one could compare to Clarion Chukwura when it came to her eyeshadow game. Way back then, the full eyeshadow look was definitely one of the top beauty trends, and I’m sure Clarion had something to do with it. She never shied away from the glitter and wore her looks boldly.

Rita Dominic

Veteran Nollywood Actresses

Can you remember a time when Rita Dominic was without a bold lip? From red to wine, Rita helped make bold lips pop. And she would pair it with her signature telephone wire ponytail hairstyle that definitely had its time in the limelight.

Nkiru Sylvanus

Veteran Nollywood Actresses

Do you remember those heavy lip glosses we used to rock back in the day? The ones that came in clear tubes and cute colors. We’d like to think Nkiru Sylvanus created  In each movie, we saw her and her lips glossed up come rain or crying scene. No chapped lips in sight boo!

Dakore Akande-Egbuson

Veteran Nollywood Actresses

Dakore was by far the poster child for how locs can be cute and trendy. With each scene, she made a case for why you should try locs and rock it well. I’m sure there are a lot of women who started rocking locs thanks to her.

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Monalisa Chinda

Veteran Nollywood Actresses

We can all agree that Monalisa was the queen of nude lips. Typically always wearing pink, she made each nude lip a win for us. And it was across several movies so you know it was a color she loved to wear.

Hilda Dokubo

Veteran Nollywood Actresses

As a child I had very full eyebrows. Dare I say it was almost a unibrow. Yes, it used to make me feel self-conscious, but then came Hilda Dokubo. Her full brows and flawless acting made me feel like bold brows had some kind of link to talent. I don’t know about you, but she made me love my eyebrows with every scene.

Stella Damasus

Veteran Nollywood Actresses

If you’re a Beauty Youtuber, come let us show you how the ombre lip popped off. Pink & purple ombre lips were (and sometimes still is) Stella Damasus’s trademark. Whether she’s crying with RMD or laughing off one of Oge Okoye’s remarks – her 2-toned lips were popping and setting standards.

I know there are a lot more where these came from. So tell me – which veteran Nollywood actresses set beauty trends for you?

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