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The Top 6 Nigerian Fashion Trends for 2022

The Top 6 Nigerian Fashion Trends for 2022

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In 2022, there have been plenty of fun fashion trends that people have hopped on. Nigerians have been slaying through the first half of the year from the spotlight-stealing pantsuits to the overflowing boubous. Here are our top 6 Nigerian fashion trends for 2022

1. Boubous

You can’t go to any mall in Lagos and not spot one or two women wearing boubous; Yes! Most women definitely wore boubous during the first half and we are very sure this trend will last till the end of the year and probably forever because they are versatile, stylish and oh-so-comfy.

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2. Pantsuit

Gone are the days when pantsuits were termed “old school”. Today, fashion designers have made suit style a must-have in the wardrobe of every stylish woman out there by creating breathtaking styles with different fabrics that now make it suitable for all weather conditions. Nigerian women have definitely been slaying in pantsuits this year.

nigerian-fashion-trends-2022Image courtesy: @thelotachukwu

3. Adire

This beautifully patterned Kampala (Tie and Dye) from Abeokuta, the home of quality tie and dye in Nigeria has definitely been taking over. It suits all occasions and can be used to sew any trending style. It fits both men and women, is non-fading and long-lasting. We hope to see more of it this year.

Nigerian-fashion-trends-2022Image courtesy: @plumandgrey

4. Prints

We know animal prints aren’t exactly anything new, but this trend is timeless and ever-evolving. For 2022, we are trading in leopard and snakeskin, zebra prints and tiger prints for Ankara prints.


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5. Oversized Shirts and exaggerated sleeves

Oversized shirting and the puff sleeve trend are definitely making waves in 2022. Rock that oversized T-shirt you’ve been eyeing, throw on some shorts and heels and feel confident in your exaggerated sleeves.

nigerian-fashion-trend-titi-beloImage courtesy: @titibelo_

6. Platform Shoes

From sky-high heels to platforms, ankle-strap heels, boots, and even clogs and crocs, platform shoes are amped up for the year 2022. So, go ahead and give your micro-heels a break — 2022 is all about chunky soles. Try these out

These are our top Nigerian fashion trends this year so far. This isn’t the first time we are trendspotting as seen here but we’d love you to share your favourite fashion trends with us via @twmagazineng 


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