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The “Push Party” Everyone Was Talking About This Weekend

The “Push Party” Everyone Was Talking About This Weekend

What exactly is a “Push Party”?

Well Beyonce left many of us scratching our heads in wonder when pictures of her “Carter Push Party” flooded the internet this weekend. Some of us have heard of a push present, a gift a woman receives for giving birth, but the concept of a push party is alien to most of us.

Well after some research into the ‘Push Party’ phenomenon, we found some answers.

According to Vogue, a Push Party is similar to a baby shower, but both genders can attend,so the father of the child also secures an invite. Held closer to the arrival of the baby than a baby shower, a push party is a grown up alternative to the traditional baby shower – while held in honour of the pregnancy, it’s really a party that the mother-to-be and her attendees can actually enjoy.

Beyonce certainly enjoyed herself with her a list friends including her Destiny’s Child sisters, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, Serena Williams, Lala Anthony and many others. The party had an African theme with many of the guests dressed in bright afrcian prints. The music also followed the theme with songs from Fela.

Here are some of the pictures from the event below.

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