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5 Work Outfit Tips to Help Limit Coronavirus Exposure!

5 Work Outfit Tips to Help Limit Coronavirus Exposure!

Covid-19 Work Outfit Tips

Don’t leave home without these Covid-19 work outfit tips in mind.

If you’re going out to work this week we thought you might need these COVID-19 work outfit tips to help make you safer. We live in very uncertain times that no Government or country has experienced before. This prompts feelings of “every man for himself” when no one really knows how to navigate a novel pandemic.

So, to help you in the little way we can, here are some tips you should try out this week to limit COVID-19 exposure. However, please remember that no outfit hack can beat social distancing, good hygiene habits and following the health & safety precautions prescribed by the NCDC.

For now, here are some COVID-19 work outfit tips to help you out this week;

Wear a Face Mask

Covid-19 Work Outfit Tips
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This is the most important piece of clothing today. As you go out and brave the uncertain health standards and conditions of your society, you need a face mask. This not only protects you from inhaling droplets from other people that might carry the coronavirus, but it also keeps you from infecting others.

Keep Your Outfit Simple

Covid-19 Work Outfit Tips
Photo Credit: @JennieJenkins (Instagram)

Your clothes have the tendency to carry infected droplets from infected persons or things. This is why you need to keep your outfits as simple as possible. Try not to layer i.e using unnecessary scarves, jackets etc. These might not only carry the virus or rub against infected areas, but they will also increase the number of clothing you need to remove and launder.

Wear Less Revealing Clothing

Covid-19 Work Outfit Tips
Photo Credit: @StyleConnaisseur (Instagram)

For the duration of this pandemic, think of your clothes like your own PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Ensure the clothes you wear are covering your wrists, stomach, arms, ankles, chest etc. The more covered you are, the more protected you are.

Wear Shoes That Can Easily Be Cleaned

Covid-19 Work Outfit Tips

Foreign health care workers stated that they ensure they wear rubber shoes or shoes made from fabric that can be wiped or washed clean so they can easily disinfect them. They spray disinfectant or rub them down with sanitizers before entering their homes to make sure they don’t carry the coronavirus home to their families.

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Keep Your Hair Short or Secured

Covid-19 Work Outfit Tips
Photo Credit: @Iamdodos_Style

Now is not the time to flip your hair back and forth. Long hair has the tendency to rub against surfaces and then rub your face. So, it would be best to keep your hair short or securely tied up.

We hope these COVID-19 work outfit tips have helped. And if you have some tips that can help others reading this article, be sure to share them in the comments section below.

Photo Credit: Unsplash | @JennieJenkins (Instagram) | @IAMDodos_Style (Instagram) | @EkiOgunbor (Instagram) | @StyleConnaisseur (Instagram)

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