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Sandra Okeke: Stay Fit in the Comfort of Your Home!

Sandra Okeke: Stay Fit in the Comfort of Your Home!

how to stay fit at home

How to stay fit from home? Keep reading…

This is not the year to complain about no time for gym…we won’t let you! That’s why we had fitness expert Sandra Okeke of Sofit to advise on how we can be free to divorce gyms, even if temporarily, as part of our fitness Vision for 2020.

Sandra runs through all of the essential items needed to learn how to stay fit from home.


How to stay fit at home

Bands are my faves! They are portable and can be replaced with heavy dumbbells that you cannot carry around! In as much as the bands are called booty bands you can use them for more than just your glutes, you can get a whole body workout with them. They come in different lengths, thickness and materials with 3 available versions.

  • The Fabric/Cotton heavy-duty band, which does not roll or fold, is great for activating and working your glutes.
  • The pull-up resistance bands can be used for all kinds of exercises – from hip thrusts to assisted pull-ups!
  • Then there is the classic Latex Booty band, which is so versatile – you can use it for training your whole body as well as for stretching and flexibility training.

If you are training at home you absolutely NEED to get yourself a set of bands!

Water Bottles

How to stay fit at home

Even though you’re at home and your kitchen is probably a walk away, it’s still important you have a bottle of water right next to you. Taking 5 minutes to go to the kitchen to rehydrate will probably break your flow. It will allow your body to cool and your heart rate to drop, and this can set you back on your workout.

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How to stay fit at home

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