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Traffic in Lagos is epic! 

The mere thought of going out in Lagos is literally headache-inducing.There is no data for the number of productive hours Lagosians spend in traffic daily.

In Lagos traffic, a lot can happen, you can purchase all the items required for a new pot of soup, get a new pet, change all the artwork in your house, buy fried rice ingredients, shop new toys for your kids etcetera.

Before going anywhere in Lagos, you will need to sit yourself down and ask yourself salient questions like: do I really need to go out today? , if I don’t go out, will I die? is this event really worth going for? will this event give me money?.

After having this conversation, if your answer is ‘YES’ then, you will need all the help you can get to overcome the unending nightmare that is TRAFFIC.

We present to you the Lagos state traffic starter pack, guaranteed to make your stay in traffic a bit bearable.

STARTER PACK[credit:googleimages]

The only thing as bad as traffic is ‘low battery’ when you are going to spend the rest of your working hours, yes Lagos traffic is work, the last thing you need is a phone that you cannot press. To avoid this grave problem, you will need to get yourself a power bank.

If your device has a 2000 mAh battery capacity you should buy a power bank with at least 2500mAh.


Trust us, we know the feeling of being stuck in traffic and not having anything to listen to other than the incessant complaints from the bus conductor and passengers.

To save yourself from the hassle of being involved or included in a conversation that you don’t really care for, you should create a traffic playlist on your device. This playlist should include songs from every genre except blues or any slow paced music for that matter that might lead you to a state of depression.

There is evidence that music relaxes muscles, improves mood, moderately reduce blood pressure heart rate and anxiety.

You need something fast paced that will get your blood pumping and leave you feeling alive. After that is done, plug in your earpiece and jam to your victory in peace!


Snacks are a must-have for traffic, the last thing you want to add to your list of discomfort is hunger.

Having snacks will leave you feeling less disgruntled because when sugar first hits your tongue. Sweet taste receptors send a signal to your brain which kick starts a domino effect that sparks a rewarding feeling.

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Therefore, in order to survive traffic, you will need to have a few of your favorite drinks and snacks handy.

Don’t underestimate the power of snacks during traffic.


A square piece of linen, silk, cotton or other fabric used especially for wiping one’s face, eyes etc.

First of all, handkerchiefs are a must have because the amount of heat generated inside a Lagos bus will bring you and your sweat glands to your knees.

The only thing that can wedge the feeling of discomfort that comes with sweating profusely is a handkerchief.

What do you have in your starter pack? Kindly share with us!


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