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How to Deal with Negative Self Image for Our Big, Bold & Beautiful Queens!

How to Deal with Negative Self Image for Our Big, Bold & Beautiful Queens!

How to deal with negative self image

Hello queen – here’s how to deal with that negative self-image you’ve been battling.

A few days ago, music star Lizzo went live to discuss image – how she’s perceived, judged, and made to feel less than, all because of her weight. The star broke down crying and narrated how hard it’s been to be patient and kind to those who try to hurt her. Her video prompted responses from Cardi B and Chloe of Chloe X Hailey who tweeted their support and shared their views. They went on to share how her courage in spite of negativity has helped them.

This reminds us of the struggle that loads of plus-size women face in Nigeria and the world. Taymi B, Toolz, Gbemi, Chigurl, and many more women in the Nigerian entertainment industry have addressed this same issue. And the reality is, it shouldn’t even be a topic for discussion. We’re all born differently and no one should be made to feel less than because of that.

So, to help you deal with any negative self-image you might have, we have put this article together. Our hope is that it will help you love yourself more and be kinder to you. Take a look at how to deal with a negative self-image.

Accept Your Body

How to deal with negative self image

Spend some time in front of the mirror every day. Get used to seeing yourself and saying kind words to yourself. The more you do it, the more you will appreciate your body. It may be useful to create a list of people you admire who do not have “perfect” bodies. Ask yourself if their appearance changes how you feel about them. You must learn to accept the way others look, in order to be more accepting of how you see yourself.

It’s Not All About Dieting

How to deal with negative self image

Going on a diet can be great, especially for your health, but dealing with a negative self-image isn’t all about work on the outside. You have to ensure your mind is being worked on too. By using tools like words of affirmations, positive self-talk, positive reinforcement, and more, you will be strengthening your mind.

Keep in mind that losing weight can easily be defeated if you don’t feel right mentally. You might use food for comfort or to relieve stress and be right back where you started. Take care of your mind too!

Accept Your Genetics

How to deal with negative self image

It is critical to remember that many aspects of your body cannot be changed. Genetics play a role in your body and at least 25% to 70% of your body is determined by your genes. While there are many aspects of your body we cannot change, you can change or modify your beliefs and attitudes which influence the way you feel about yourself. Change starts with you
– it is internal, and it starts with self-respect and a positive attitude. It is important to focus on health and not size.

Understand Your Emotions

How to deal with negative self image

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It is important to discover the emotions and feelings that underlie your negative body image. The statement “I feel fat” is never really about fat, even if you are overweight. Each time a woman looks at herself in the mirror and says “Gross, I’m fat and disgusting,” she is really saying “There is something wrong with me or with what I’m feeling.” Sometimes, when we do not know how to deal with our feelings we turn to our bodies and blame our bodies for our feelings.

Take the time to think about how you’re feeling and find the root cause. Did you see something online that is making you feel bad about yourself? Did you fail at something you were meant to succeed in? Think about what you’re thinking about and how it is affecting you.

Question the Motive Behind Media Messaging

How to deal with negative self image


The media sends powerful messages to women every day about their bodies and general image. They sell “acceptable” body images and can provide the basis for how you’re feeling. These images cause you to compare yourself with what they say is acceptable/the norm.

If you know you are negatively affected by the things portrayed in the media, we advise that you limit how much of it you see. Instead, fill your time with images & videos that uplift you and bring you joy!

You are beautiful and beauty comes in many, many shapes, sizes, and shades. And that’s what makes yours so special!

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