3 Ways to Increase Sales for Your Business ASAP!

Ways to Increase Sales

There are many ways to increase sales for your business, and sometimes it can be a hit or miss. But, there are a few ways that have stood the test of time and can work wonders for your turnover.

Today, we’re going to give you insight into 3 ways you can increase sales and get your business to that next level you’ve been working so hard for.

Here we go!

1. Increase your average order value

Assuming you have customers who already patronize your brand and have spent their money on your product/service before, now is the time to persuade them to buy more. This can be achieved through 1 of 2 ways – Up-selling and cross-selling.

Up-Selling is basically increasing or upgrading the version of the product your customer is buying. For example, if you sell home cleaning services, you can add something new like ‘Extensive Floor Whitening’ or ‘Curtain Laundry’ and add more money to the cost of the service. This way they pay more for your other services.

Cross-Selling, on the other hand, is offering your customer a product that is related to what they have bought. For example, if your customer comes into your store to buy shoes, you can then offer them heel replacers or padding. This compliments their buy and causes them to spend more with your brand.

2. Abandoned Cart Recovery

Sometimes, a customer can place things in their cart or make serious enquiries about a product and not make the final purchase. If you have the customers’ contact details you can reach out to them and gently inquire about their cart i.e: items they considered buying but ended up not buying.

If you don’t have their contact details, this might be a great time to add it to your customer service script. Always ask for names and contact details from all customers that relate with your brand so you can follow up with them as leads.

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3. E-mail Marketing

Do you know you can turn your social media followers into subscribers on your e-mail list? Why do you need this? The more subscribers you have, the more people you have to tell about your products and services.

How can you do this? Simple – by letting them know. Create content telling your followers all about your email list and use incentives to pull them in. You can add incentives like – sign up now for the latest on our products, sign up for 10% discount off your next order, sign up for a freebie in your e-mail etc.

Applying these tips to your business day-to-day can go a long way in helping you achieve your set goals. Let us know how it goes.

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