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#MondayMotivation: Play Time Over – Are You Hungry Enough to W-I-N?

#MondayMotivation: Play Time Over – Are You Hungry Enough to W-I-N?


It’s #MondayMotivation time and we hope you’re ready.

For the past couple of days, we have been binge-watching Tom Bilyeu’s “Impact Theory” channel. We’ve switched from his podcast to YouTube videos and watched people like Deepak Chopra, Les Brown, Brendon Burchard, Mel Robbins and David Goggins talk about how we are the ones standing in our own way. Not exactly what you’d like to hear when you have a date with Netflix in an hour, but we listened anyway.

As Mel Robbins broke down her ‘5 Second Rule’ and David Goggins explained how our brains are designed to keep us safe and comfortable, we started to ask why achieving success seems so far-fetched. And we came to one conclusion – it seems far-fetched because we see it that way.

When we take a look at the successful people of today like Tony Robbins, Oprah, Gary Vaynerchuk and more, we see the years they put into getting to where they are. We’re focused on the minutes and miles and distance between where we are right now and where they’ve worked to get to. And we’re staring at the wrong things. It seems so far away and we start to rethink the journey and remember all the ‘perks’ of this unhappy place we are right now. But what we should be looking at is what they did to get there and asking if we’re doing the same things. Do we have the same hunger that they do?

Are we doing the things we need to do to get to where we want so badly to get to? What is your daily routine like? Are you sternly and unmistakably starting your day with the mindset of crushing your goals or are you actually entering the day with a “let’s see what happens as I do the same old things” mentality?

If you listen to their stories intently, you’ll discover that they all had to get to the point where they made the hard, and I do mean HARD decision to jump off the cliff when their brains were telling them they couldn’t fly. They decided to do the work and make sure the work got done no matter how many sleepless nights or rejections it took. They decided that they were going to starve the routine that isn’t bringing them the result that they want and focus on the result they needed.

Now, what are you going to do? Are you going to spend another hour looking through Instagram and imagining yourself living your dream life, or are you going to refocus and decide to start taking the steps that will lead you to where you want to be?

I’m not going to go on and on persuading you to do things differently – in the end, it really isn’t up to me and the persuasion in my words. It’s down to you and if you want it bad enough to fight for it.

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No more playtime, go and do the work that needs doing so you get to where you need to be.

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