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5 Creative Ways You Can Make Extra Cash this Year!

5 Creative Ways You Can Make Extra Cash this Year!

Creative ways to make money

We are bringing to you some creative ways to make money you probably haven’t thought of.

I’m not sure you’ve heard, but this is the year to make money. All the cash 2019 kept away from you is about to land in your account, and we have some creative way to make that happen.

Now, we know that when it comes to creative ways to make money, sometimes you get more than you bargained for. But with these 5 suggestions, we think they’ll be right within your comfort zone and get you to where you’d like to be financially.

Let’s dive in;

Do the jobs that others don’t want to

Why? Because then you can charge a premium price and make money faster. Example: Cleaning someone’s kitchen, moving houses, babysitting etc These jobs aren’t anyone’s favourite, so why not make them yours?

Become a tour guide/ travel companion

Each year, hundreds, if not thousands, of tourists visit Nigeria and other countries and are usually Googling what to do and where to go. This is where you come in. Make use of all your knowledge about Lagos, Abuja, Delta or wherever you are and become their go-to guide. Think of it as an Airbnb Experience Hosting job. It will only require a few hours of your week and will get you loads of referrals (if you do a good job) and pay you well.

Start a Thrift Store for Luxury items

We’ve seen lots of people on Instagram do this, and judging by how fast each item gets sold, it seems to be very lucrative. You can look for designer items that are out of season, buy them and add your commission to the price, and market them via social media. Your buyers will come. Simple – just make sure you have an eye for unique and beautiful things.

Teach what you know

If you have a skill or know anything that isn’t common knowledge – then why don’t you teach it? Excel, knitting, drawing, tailoring, blog posting etc there are tons of subjects you can teach and there will be people willing to pay money to learn them. All you need to do is figure out what you have real knowledge on, put it together in a package i.e online class, book, pdf etc market via social media and set up a payment plan. Kaching!

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Patricia Bright

Become a Virtual Assistant

Want to make more money without leaving your house to an office? How about becoming a virtual assistant? Look for someone who wants to hire an assistant without the hassle of being in an office. However, you actually need to do the job, not just say you are. And in some amazing cases, you might be able to juggle this and your current 9-5 if you have one.

We’re all about making money moves this year and so is Patricia Bright. Let’s hear some of her other suggestions on creative ways to make money.

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