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#MondayMotivation: Pay Your Dues & Know Your Worth!

#MondayMotivation: Pay Your Dues & Know Your Worth!

Monday Motivation

#MondayMotivation is ripe and ready to get you going. The question is – are you?

Last night, TW had the privilege of attending the launch of Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi and Tolu Oniru (Toolz) podcast – Off Air. It was a fun star-studded event with loads of people whose names you know by heart.

But, when it comes to events of this nature, we always try to leave with something memorable. And one thing that was definitely memorable was something Toolz said. During the Q&A session, someone asked her what Management at Beat FM thought of her show and if they were happy with it. And Toolz said something that really is a life lesson. She said, after explaining how she and Gbemi involved their Management in the early stages, “…not to sound funny but we’ve paid our dues.”

This got us thinking – do you know your worth? Can you evaluate how much you’ve contributed to your company/business? And if you don’t, how are you paying your dues.

Today, with how fast-paced the world of social media is, most people believe we now live in an Instagram society were taking the perfect selfie and developing yourself well enough, take the same amount of time. But the bitter truth is, it takes hard work, perseverance, biting your tongue and speaking up to really make your mark and make a n impact. The billionaires, millionaires and successful people you see on and off social media are all either paying their dues or reaping the benefits of knowing their worth. They’ve done the work…are doing the work…and reaping the rewards. How about you?

So today, as you walk and work through this week, remember that there are dues to be paid and in the end, you need to know your worth. So, when you’re being taken for granted, you’ll be able to smell it from a mile away.

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Have an amazing week!

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