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#MondayMotivation: Run Your Own Race

#MondayMotivation: Run Your Own Race

Monday Motivation

#MondayMotivation this week has to do with something we’re all facing. Since the start of 2020 there’s been something in the air. And we all know what it is. It’s called PRESSURE.

The pressure has been on since we crossed over to the new year, and it only seems to be intensifying. The pressure to become a better you, start a business, make money, grow your business, take hold of new opportunities, become more. We know the pressure is definitely on.

However, irrespective of how choked the air is with all this talk of doing better, it is important to stop in the middle of the madness and answer your “WHY?” When we speak of “your why” we are not referring to some odd concept you won’t be able to understand. We are referring to your reason for feeling pressured. Are you feeling pressured because you genuinely want to become better or are you feeling this way because everyone else is?

Here’s a short story to help out – The egg and the pebble were both in a competition. Both being smooth, they thought they were neck and neck in their show of strength. But when the pebble dared the egg to crack open a kernel, the egg broke its head. The end.

Moral of the Story: Know who you are, your strengths and what you want out of life.

It is important to know what you want out of life and the timeline to get it done. The woman who sells Christmas trees & decorations would be foolish to compare herself with the woman who sells raincoats & umbrellas. They both operate in different seasons and have to work accordingly.

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So our question to you today is this – are you operating in your season or someone else’s? Are you running because you have a target to reach or because everyone around you is? Who’s race are you running?

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