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Who is today’s woman? Has she changed? Is she different?

The questions above of who today’s woman is spurred Adesuwa Onyenokwe, Editor-in-chief of Today’s woman magazine into starting a campaign online that blew like wildfire.

In a video documentary, she recounted how she had interviewed thousands of women, ranging from career women, showbiz queens, entrepreneurs, businesswomen, housewives and the misunderstood. She has studied intensely their ambition, life, and purpose, sense of style, wants and needs yet the question of who today’s woman really is has been left unanswered.

Today’s woman is regularly consumed with many obligations, duties, and responsibilities. Women are now stepping out of the mould that the world put them in, which is the role of mother and housewife only, to obtain a higher quality of living and ambition.

Several women across Nigeria joined the campaign, each one stating what today’s woman represents and who she is. But two women named Tife Soloye and Ayedun Bridget emerged winners from the #todayswoman challenge which started on the 22nd of March, their video entry generated the most buzz on Instagram and Twitter respectively.

Tife Soloye stated in her video entry that ’today’s woman is a woman with choices, she can be whoever and whatever she wants to be, she can double having a successful career and having a family.

Instagram winner, Tife Soloye

She does not conform to the box others have put her in, she chooses her path, she is strong, she is dynamic, she is everything she wants and more’

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Ayedun Bridget said in her video entry which had the most retweet on Twitter that ‘today’s woman is someone who has learned to use her challenges to inspire other women.

Twitter winner, Ayedun Bridget

she has passed through hard times and has remained unbroken by what life throws at her, she is always advancing, she is remarkable’

What do you think of today’s woman?

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  • Beautiful article. I am a dude tho, but today’s woman is definitely a great topic based on the fact that women over the past few decades have proven more than capable of doing things men can. Today’s woman is a blueprint for tomorrow’s woman but it’s a fluid discussion varying from woman to woman.

  • Congratulations to the duo. Briggs, sky is your starting point. Keep your head up girl. You’ll go places.

  • brilliant idea. it will be nice to know if todays woman has evolved. I think their challenges remain the same o! thats me just thinking

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