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Today’s Woman is 20! Hurray!!!

Today’s Woman is 20! Hurray!!!

Today's Woman

Dear Reader, Brand Todays Woman Is 20!

Adesuwa Onyenokwe on Today’s Woman maiden edition – NTA2 Channel 5, February 2000.
AO with guest, Eng. Mrs. Olu Maduka on Todays Woman Show

The brand came to be in February 2000 as a half-hour television program showing on NTA 2 Channel 5 Lagos. The first guest on Today’s Woman show was Nigeria’s first female engineer Eng. Mrs. Olu Maduka. In February 2007 work began on the first printed edition and by September the first physical copy hit the streets. In Feb 2014 our logo experienced a significant change to become a full spread as we have it on today and we experimented with our first digital edition.

Today's Woman
AO with Todays Woman guests and NTA Crew
Todays Woman
Adesuwa Onyenokwe onset of Todays Woman

This February we are domiciling fully online and you can only read special editions printed… Phew, it’s a cliché, but I really wonder where all the years went! I get a sense of what the bible says about time being nothing to the creator of time itself. That’s because He sees the end from the beginning. Isn’t that why through the lens of hindsight, time, (20 years in Today’s Woman’s case), always seems to have passed by swiftly because you can playback with the sharp accuracy of human memory. You see the end, which is your now, and as you walk back in time, all the steps here now add up!

Todays Woman
TW Magazine Maiden Edition released in February 2007
Todays Woman
TW 2nd Logo design

That’s what 2020 vision is. Our brand journey here now adds up.

Todays Woman
Todays Woman current brand logo

Today’s Woman has gone from terrestrial TV to Print medium and now we are fully digital (which really is a ‘weird’ still largely uncontrolled spot where all communication comes to play today)….

Get ready to enjoy us in a smarter way anywhere in the world and here’s why:

Todays Woman

1.  Online, our magazine will be leaner yet richer, and more interactive. You will see more videos now, as you read our cover stories and watch the full interview on InstagramTV and YouTube.

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Todays Woman

2.  TW on the go will remain a constant means of communication between us to keep you abreast of what’s new with us, and on our site which will be populated by stories from our regular magazine contributors.

3.  The best news is we are 20 and our cover girl, Busola Dakolo is wallowing in a new ‘freedom, we are allowing you read her truly compelling story of love and the journey to freedom FREE!!! Of course, this is along with the other interesting tidbits in our January February edition. All you need do is subscribe to join our community. I wait to welcome you.

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  • Big congratulations on 20yrs. It’s amazing how Today’s Woman has gone from TV to print and now to digital. 👏
    P.S: Aunty Adesuwa, I would like to know which fountain of youth you are drinking from because you don’t seem to have aged at all since 2000 😍

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