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tw @ 10: Thankful

tw @ 10: Thankful

I am Thankful for Life.

I am Thankful for friendship that gave me the courage to start.

I am Thankful for patronage this past decade that kept my team and me going.

I am Thankful for the courage to begin again like we are setting out to do.

10 years of publishing in Nigeria is no beans like they say.

I learnt a new word recently, Paraprosdokians: Figures of speech that end with unsuspected but humorous phrases. And I found one that perfectly describes our decision to embark on a new beginning, as we round this first decade.

A Bird in hand shits in the palm…

tw print is a bird in hand. Circumstances have made it a sitting bird that will ‘shit’ in our palm if we don’t change its location.

This bird is going to fly in digital space as TODAYZWOMANONLINE, so that women all over the world can have unfettered access to our glamorous and wholesome content, wherever and whenever they want it.

Over the years, what has distinguished us that we will never lose, whether in print or digital space, is the recognition that grace, (unmerited favour), is upon the life of this publication. It is this is trait that makes us willing to go the extra mile to bring unforgettable and inspiring stories to our readers.

Truth be told; God’s grace is freely available to everyone, but the most important one to pray for, and to have is the grace to recognize what gifts and talents He has bequeathed us with, using it right, to His glory.

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What I have is communication skills. Even though I was trained for this job, I am under no illusions whatsoever that the fact that I do it so effortlessly can be because of anything but grace.

I started out communicating as a reporter, then became a producer/presenter on television, moving on 10 years ago to publish today’s woman in print. As I hit 10, the digital space beckons and we are getting on board full force. You will be getting all the details soon as we celebrate all our covers over the decade at an evening of inspiration billed for the 29th of October.

Lace up your dancing shoes, ready to celebrate with us as we thank God for tw’s print life well spent…

Keep your eyes glued on as we spend the next four weeks reminiscing.

Lets pop Champagne.

There is a lot to celebrate!

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  • Congratulations TW and to Adesuwa, 10 years of exciting stories and value adding information. Keep it coming, we want more. !

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