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Conversations S1E1: Adesuwa & Nwamaka Onyenokwe Take On Love, Life & More in this Mother-Daughter Chat

Conversations S1E1: Adesuwa & Nwamaka Onyenokwe Take On Love, Life & More in this Mother-Daughter Chat

Adesuwa Onyenokwe

Being a woman can be difficult. There are a lot of expectations, realities and circumstances that surround and inform womanhood. So what better way to navigate these waters for young women than with wisdom from our mothers?

Adesuwa Onyenokwe

For Global Mother’s Day, the TW team shared the first episode of an unscripted series cum home video of Broadcaster/Publisher/Life & Harmony Coach Adesuwa Onyenokwe (Mama) and her daughter, Architect/Designer/Chef Nwamaka Onyenokwe (Maxe) as they share a conversation on their take on the importance of family and nurturing genuine and caring relationships.

This four-part series will highlight lessons about love, life, family, friendships, relationships, and adulting and is sure to make you giggle. We hope to touch on important topics that they think will be helpful to everyone. We hope you enjoy it as we will release new episodes weekly! Be sure to comment, and let us know what you think; tell us more about your relationship stories; we want to hear from you and engage with you because it all starts with a conversation, no?

Here is an excerpt from the Momma-Dotter notes…

Mama and I have meaningful conversations that go on for hours, sharing experiences from both sides; this is something we have done as far back as I can remember. We are gist partners, and that’s one thing I’ve enjoyed having all my life, and what has informed me to be a friend to others so purely. One gist session day, as I was in a good place of healing, I asked my Sensei for a space to share this sweet gist of revelations. We conjured a lovely idea to share our little experience, and we feel it’s something that could just touch you small on the importance of family in your life; blood or adopted!

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You know how your life’s dream comes true and it still seems so unreal! That’s the sense I get when I sit with or talk with my daughter. I prayed for a female child simply because I felt I wanted the kind of friendship I thought was missing in my own relationship with my mother.
3 decades down I find that friendship and parenting is a different ballgame. While friendship is key, parenting sometimes gets in the way, which is why COMMUNICATION is key. Being able to have honest conversations no matter how painful. All in all, those conversations cement a relationship that begets a better world. Mothers and daughters hold the key to this. That’s my take o! But listen to our ‘sudden’ unscripted jaw jaw, enjoy, learn what you will, and begin your own frank conversations. Momma Dotters rule!!!!

Watch the conversation below;

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