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“The Sunlight Collection” At Lagos Fashion Week 2019

“The Sunlight Collection” At Lagos Fashion Week 2019


Fashion collaborations tend to yield exciting prospects. In the world today, what fashion has come to stand for goes beyond pretty clothes on pretty people; statements are made, multiple topics are explored, and empowerment never goes out of season. Sunlight Nigeria keeps taking strides in empowering women. Initiatives like the Shakti Program has already empowered over 3,000 women. Collaboration with Lagos Fashion Week, in 2018, led to the funding (worth four million Naira) of two female-led fashion businesses.

As Lagos Fashion Week 2019 comes up in October, Sunlight has collaborated with Style House Files, a fashion-focused business development agency, to sponsor two designers to create and showcase a Sunlight collection at the event. Chibuzor Emordi and Morenikeji Akinsola, owners of Zurizola and Vuthiswa, are female designers that train students in different areas of clothe production throughout the year.

The Sunlight Collection by Vuthiswa and Zurizola celebrates the total woman; a daughter, sister, wife, mother, career woman, trailblazer, role model and much more.

To evoke the bubbly, fun-loving attributes of the Sunlight woman, the collection is airy, light and fresh. Flowy fabrics transcend into easy-to-wear and delicate silhouettes. This tilts towards the practicality of a modern woman who keeps a job and returns home at the end of the day to her family.





Bold colors rule the collection. For a woman who wants to stand out, and make it through the day in colors that excites while projecting a glowing personality.

The designers had one line in the mind for this collection: “Time flies when you’re having fun.” The idea is for the go-getter who has a busy life yet finds the fun in going about their daily routine and empowering themselves and other women.


Keji and Chichi are passionate about empowering other people and creating jobs. With their work and the sponsorship by Sunlight, they needn’t go far for inspiration. Female empowerment remains at the core of their work. They’re empowered by Sunlight as they continue to empower others.


The Sunlight collection will be available for sale at the Lagos Fashion Week, 2019, from the 23rd to the 26th of October, 2019.

For more Information about what Sunlight is doing at the Lagos Fashion Week, 2019, follow Sunlight on social media;

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