Women We Love: Elizabeth Osho’s Thoughts on How We Can All Support Women Everyday is a Must-Read!

Elizabeth Osho

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Today, we shine a light on Digital Strategist, Influencer & overall Bo$$ lady – Elizabeth Osho!

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Elizabeth Osho



…as she’s referred to by many is definitely not your typical Nigerian entrepreneur. With a start to her career in media from the UK to Nigeria, she became prominently known for her role in one of the leading lifestyle magazines – Genevieve. After a few years with many projects like the Genevieve Pink Ball under her belt, she started her lifestyle communications agency – SoMe Solutions.

As we celebrate International Women’s Month, one of the things that can definitely be said about Liz is her passion for supporting women. From referring women for jobs to sharing her wealth of experience, Liz has been instrumental in the growth of a lot of women in the Nigerian media industry.

To further prove that point, on International Women’s Day, she shared some tips on how we all can support women, not just this month, but always.

Here’s what she shared;


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Let’s break them down for you;

1. Don’t tie worth to youth and physical attractiveness; think about how you compliment young girls – avoid appearance-related praise⁣

We completely agree. A lot of times, women are given opportunities, preferences, rewards etc based on their physical appearance. Some banks offer more attractive women jobs so they can ‘woo’ clients, the front desk is left to women who, based on society’s standards, are more appealing. This is not supporting women. Irrespective of how fair, dark, tall, short, thick or slim a woman appears, making opportunities available to her based on her looks completely undervalues and ignores what she’s made of. She is more than her body.

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2. Support female-led businesses or brands

Granted, not all businesses have great customer service or products to sell, but if it’s a good brand with worthy offerings, don’t choose to not patronize because it’s owned by a woman. In fact, you could choose to support her even more because most women have it harder in business. Support HER!

3. Open doors & widen your network for others if you are able; offer introductions and connections in the workplace⁣

Working your way to certain levels in business and in life can be hard. Some have to work to their bones to get to where they are right now. But just because a woman did not have to work the way you worked to get to where you have doesn’t mean she is not deserving. Introduce her to key players, help her grow, if someone made it hard for you, that doesn’t mean you have to make it hard for those coming after you.

4. Hire and mentor other women. Let women speak and foster a culture that promotes transparency. Give women equal pay – the gender pay gap is still very real…

If a man and woman occupy the same position in a company, doing the same job, they should get the same remuneration. We still live in a world where men are paid higher than women, even when they’re performing in the same role and capacity. Do not deprive women of their due because of their gender.

5. If you have the means, then donate to causes that help women; if there are no funds then can you donate your time to mentoring or a charity⁣?

Women make up a large majority of people at risk. From physical abuse to verbal abuse, the list is almost endless. So you need to do your part. Support groups like Women At Risk International Foundation (WARIF) and Stand To End Rape (STER), who advocate for women of sexual violence. When you see women being harassed anywhere speak up and help her out.

6. Don’t make assumptions about a woman and her fertility or child-rearing plans.

From fibroids and fertility issues to traditions on raising children and expectations from family members, the woman fights a lot of battles when it comes to nurturing a child. The least you can do is support her where you can. How? Don’t make assumptions about her fertility journey or appearance while on it. Be considerate of her feelings and worth, especially during pregnancy. These “little things” go a long way in securing her health and overall life.

7. Don’t steal, misrepresent or pass off ideas as your own that don’t belong to you; give credit to the woman where it is due⁣

If she came up with the idea, give her credit. If she came up with the idea and someone else wants to take credit for it, let it be known. Just because you’re not directly involved, doesn’t mean you are not involved. Stand up for what is right!

Share how else we can support women today in the comments below.

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