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Hear What 7 Cheating Husbands Had to Say in this Shocking Oprah Interview

Hear What 7 Cheating Husbands Had to Say in this Shocking Oprah Interview

The Oprah Winfrey Show

Finding out your husband is cheating is never an easy pill to swallow. It spurs a lot of questions & births confusion, not to mention the gaping hole it can leave in a marriage. In a newly released interview, Oprah Winfrey sits with 7 married men who have all confessed to cheating on their wives.

The detailed interview sees the men discuss the why, when and who of their infidelities while their wives watch from backstage. They reveal truths, shocking intricate details and give insight as to why men cheat.

We may never fully be able to pinpoint why men cheat when it comes to marriage, not disputing that women cheat too, but from the interview, we learned that;

  • Marriage is 50/50 and marriage is give and take. Some of the men expressed how the women they cheated with made them feel loved and adored – feelings they were not getting from their wives. We later learned that the men were not in themselves making their wives feel loved and adored.
  • Happily married men can still cheat. It is not about the state of the marriage but whether or not the married man decides to cheat or not
  • Apparently, men who cheat follow a script i.e the pattern is always the same – defensiveness, aggression, lying, less time at home etc
  • Sometimes, being overly defensive is a sign of cheating. This can sometimes be used as a defence mechanism or a way of deflecting until the spotlight is no longer on them.
  • Emotional cheating is real. Developing an emotional connection with someone who is not your spouse could sometimes be more dangerous than cheating sexually/physically.

Watch the interview where Oprah Winfrey has a candid conversation with the men and hears what their wives have to say about their cheating husbands.

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