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A Couple Has Named their Newborn Twins ‘Covid’ & ‘Corona’…For Real!

A Couple Has Named their Newborn Twins ‘Covid’ & ‘Corona’…For Real!

Strange Baby Names

This definitely tops our list of strange baby names this year! An Indian couple has decided to name their baby boy & girl ‘Covid’ and ‘Corona’.

Here’s what happened. According to CafeMom, 27-year-old Preeti Verma went into labour right in the middle of India’s 21-day lockdown. Verma had started experiencing labour pains late March 26th and eventually made it to the hospital. This did not come without stress from being stopped by police and the lockdown in general.

On arrival, doctors decided a C-section was needed and the twins were delivered safely. It was about 45 minutes after the delivery that the doctors who attended to them started fondly calling the twin boy and girl ‘Covid’ and ‘Corona’. After the name started to gain popularity in the hospital, the couple decided to stick with the names. They said – “We have named them Covid [her son] and Corona [her daughter] for now.” “Indeed the virus is dangerous and life-threatening, but its outbreak made people focus on sanitation, hygiene and inculcate other good habits,” she added. “Thus, we thought about these names.

Judging by the fact that Corona beer had to stop production because of the unlucky coincidence of sharing a name with a deadly pandemic, we assume that anything or anyone associated with this virus leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Which really makes you wonder why the couple allowed their newborns to have the strange baby names. But to each his own right? Who knows, they might change the names eventually.

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