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My boyfriend is from a rich home, he has servants at home and has never really had to let his pride down in situations.

Q. I’m in a relationship of about three months (p.s I know it is a short time but yeah relationships have a beginning) and yes I like my boyfriend a lot. The problem is his pride cos he comes from a rich home and has servants at home and has never really had to let his pride down in situations. Now he lets pride be a third party in our
relationship which doesn’t go down well with me, I’ve tried to understand the pride in him, but sometimes it doesn’t just sit well with me because I see it as unnecessary; because I mean, this is a relationship! Sometimes I let my pride get in too and sometimes I just let it go.

Please is there any advice you have for me or I’m complaining too early.
Dear Ashley,
Relationships with the opposite sex are great but not a be all end all. You have already accepted that the relationship with your boyfriend is still young, so you clearly understand that it may be too early to jump into conclusions about your him. However, whether its 2 days or 2 years, some things will be constant.
1. He is from a privileged background and that will never change.
 2. You either want to be with him or you don’t.
Having said that, his having servants at his beck and call doesn’t mean every human being he meets must act in like manner towards him. If that is the case then there is a problem which has more to do with his level of humility, than with the fact that he is a silver spoon kid.
It then becomes a question of his character and the values he holds. Which brings up the next question, Do you want to hang out with a guy like that? If yes then have it out with him, expressing your observation and why it is giving you cause for concern. If a face to face is difficult, then write your thoughts down and share it with him.
You just might find out you came to the wrong conclusions or you will get a better understanding of why he behaves the way he does, then together you may just be able to wean him of the bad behaviour.
However, please note that two wrongs don’t make a right, so that, “sometimes I let my pride get in”… shouldn’t be the case instead walk away if it gets to the ‘tit for tat’ point.
For now, I’d say, If the relationship means a lot to you, then give it a shot.

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