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Help me Aunty A, my son-in-law to be is fraudulent!

I am a confused mum as at now because my daughter is supposed to get married in two months, but her fiance borrowed some money from my husband and failed to give it back as and when due! Instead, he was playing tricks, and not being straight-forward about payback.

In fact, my daughter didn’t know he borrowed money from her dad. Now my husband says there is no more wedding because the guy is fraudulent. This is after introduction in January and completion of the marriage counseling in church!

My husband says a failed introduction ceremony is better than a broken marriage. I don’t know what to do now, because I have made deposits for asoebi.

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Please, what do you think this worried mum should do? Share your comment below.

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  • Personally, I think the mum should call a meeting involving all parties – father, daughter and husband-to-be – and talk about the issue. The husband to be then has an opportunity to clear his name. If outcome of meeting is not convincing then I would strongly advice the wedding be cancelled.

  • Hmnnn… wonders shall never cease. I think marriage is not by force, maybe you postpone for now till you get to the bottom of the whole matter. Better late than never…

  • This is definitely a red flag. There are a couple of issues. One is the fact that he did not tell his fiancee before asking her dad for a loan plus “failed to give it back as and when due! Instead, he was playing tricks, and not being straight-forward about payback”.

    For whatever it’s worth he can be given an opportunity to explain why he chose these two options. I consider lack of integrity a deal breaker and would tread very very cautiously.

  • It seems to me that the mum is more concerned about not being disgraced by cancelling or postponing the wedding. She should think about her daughter’s future with a man that may not be trustworthy. It is also important for the daughter to understand what is going on and for her to make her own informed decisions.

  • Better to be disgraced (in quote) now, than to regret later. This looks like a red flag. Being broke is not a problem, not being able to come clean and be straight forward is. If its this way with his future father in-law,who he should try and be cordial with (even if it is pretense), how would it be with others. I agree with the idea of the meeting. The daughter should also be informed. She might have been sensing some things already.

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