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Ask Aunty A: “I’m A Woman in Her 40s, Single & Looking to Start Dating Again!”

Ask Aunty A: “I’m A Woman in Her 40s, Single & Looking to Start Dating Again!”

Ask Aunty A

Ask Aunty A is back and better than ever. This time around, we’ve kicked things off a bit differently. In addition to having our weekly column here, we’re also holding weekly Instagram LIVE sessions with Aunty A herself.

Each week, she attempts to offer answers to questions sent in from all over. She reads them out and gives her 2 cents in the hope that she will help you get some clarity on whatever is bothering you. If you’d like to join in the Ask Aunty A discussions, tune into our IG Live on @TWMagazineNG every Thursday at 6PM and send your questions to


Today, we get to meet Blessing – a 40-year-old Nigerian woman who wants to start dating again after a painful divorce.


Hi Aunty A! My name is Blessing and I am a 40-year-old woman living in Lagos. I got divorced a few years back due to some issues between my husband and I. It was a painful experience, but I’m glad I’m in a better mental space now.

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I’m sending this in because I need advice. I want to start dating again and I seem to be getting a lot of suitors. However, I’m scared. Dating nowadays is different from dating back then and I’m worried about putting myself out there again. Do you have any advice or tips that can help me go for it? I really think it’s time.”

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