Here’s How to Stay Active During Pregnancy for All Our Moms Out There!

How to be Active During Pregnancy

Now that you’re pregnant (congratulations by the way!), how do you stay active during pregnancy? Being active is a huge part of your pregnancy journey – you need to keep your health up and be a great home for your baby, and yourself.

We understand that you may feel like just staying in bed, sitting down and not lifting a finger. And chances are, your husband and others around you might be catering to your every need. But this falls on your shoulders – you need to ensure your health is in tip-top shape for the journey ahead. Not doing so could lead to some unsavoury situations like accumulating health risks like pre-eclampsia, pregnancy aches & pains, gestational diabetes and not to mention all the other stuff your Doctor’s going to list.

So, even if you’re not going to the gym or haven’t been, there are great ways to stay active during pregnancy and we’re sharing some of them below;

Walk When You Can

How to Stay Active During Pregnancy

Yes, your body is getting adjusted to the pregnant life, and that can come with feeling tired. So a great way to combat this is by walking. Take short or average walks, depending on what’s comfortable for you. You can walk short distances home instead of taking a cab, or even stop a distance from your home and walk the rest of the way.

NOTE: Remember to be honest with yourself – only walk the distances you’re sure you can walk. The more you do this, the longer distances you’ll be able to cover.

Ditch the Lift, Take the Stairs

How to Stay Active During Pregnancy

Who doesn’t love a good elevator ride? But for you, instead of taking the elevator, how about taking the stairs. Take your time and walk upwards to work your hips, legs and build agility. This will help in the long run as your body starts to feel the weight of the baby more.

You could take the lift halfway and climb the rest of the way, or take the stairs going up ( to a level you’re comfortable with) and take the lift back down.

Exercise Your Arms Daily

How to Stay Active During Pregnancy

Throwing a baby in the air, carrying baby bags, rocking your baby to sleep – are workouts on their own, so get some practice. Give your arms a good workout daily with light dumbells, lift from the knees when lifting heavy things and train your arms for what’s ahead.

Do the House Chores

How to Stay Active During Pregnancy

A great way to stay active is by doing your regular house chores. Not only will it help you break a sweat and keep your body moving, but you can also use it as a way to practice doing them with a baby around. Get the laundry, make the bed, clean surfaces – but nothing too stressful like bending to sweep. Remember to not overdo it.

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How to Stay Active During Pregnancy

Do you have a favourite song? Put it on! Dancing is a great way to move and research shows that music really bonds features with their mothers. So dance to your heart’s content, nothing too stressful (no worm dances on the floor) and get your body.

If you didn’t exercise much before getting pregnant, it is still safe and healthy to start now. Begin with 15 minutes of exercise 3 times a week and increase it gradually to 30-minute sessions 4 days a week or every day if you can.

Aerobic exercise is a good way to boost your fitness. You could also try swimming, power-walking, pregnancy yoga or indoor cycling (or outdoor cycling if you take care not to lose your balance).

Whatever works for you. Hang in there Momma, you’re doing great! And here’s a video to help a bit more.

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