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Postponed Your Wedding? Here’s What to do in the Meantime

Postponed Your Wedding? Here’s What to do in the Meantime

What to do when you Postpone a Wedding

Right about now, a lot of couples are wondering what to do when you postpone a wedding, especially in the middle of a crisis. How do you navigate it? What steps do you take to on course? How do you not lose your sanity?

We understand that this might be a very tricky and disheartening time, but all is not lost. While your wedding date may be unknown for now, there are certain steps you can take to better prepare for it, especially in uncertain times like these.

Here are what to do when you postpone a wedding;

Inform Your Family, Friends & VIPs

A wedding is a great time to bring family & friends together for a special occasion. They need to know that the special day has been moved. You could do this via a tailored e-mail if you have their addresses, or update your wedding site. Or simply send them text messages and make some calls.

A very important group of people you definitely have to reach out to is your VIPs. This group includes those that might be helping pay for the wedding, key players like the presiding priest/pastor, members of the bridal party etc. Let them know to cancel or reschedule any travel plans, change accommodation arrangements etc so things aren’t muddled up in the end.

Talk to Your Vendors

…especially the ones you’ve made payments to. Vendors are an important part of your wedding, and for most people, they book them months in advance. Make sure to call your vendors and have candid conversations with them about your options. Are they willing to postpone and be available when you call? Can they refer you to someone who will? Is there a refund plan available? Make sure you know your options.

This is also a great time to weed out your vendors. Take a look at who you absolutely need and don’t need. Take out the unnecessary costs and stick with the essential services.

Have Candid & Realistic Expectations & Conversations

It is beyond understanding that you might feel like your big day has been ruined and are under a lot of pressure. But you need to understand that you’re not the only one feeling the heat. Hundreds of businesses are losing money and staff due to the pandemic and are looking for ways to break even – including your vendors. When you’re planning what to do when you postpone a wedding, try to be understanding in making demands, rescheduling and looking for options. We all need to show compassion and understanding in these times.

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Explore Options

…especially if your job security is being threatened. Think of new ways to make money to handle the bills that could be coming your way. Think of new work opportunities, restrategize your budget, cut off vendors you don’t need. Now is a time to be smart with your wedding choices.

Relax and Don’t Stress

So things aren’t exactly going your way – you should be married by now and have started your Happily Ever After. But the truth is, you cannot afford to panic or stress about it. Use this time instead to strengthen your bond as a couple. Talk to each other and learn more about each other. You never know what you might realize.

Share your thoughts in our post before you go! And if you need some planning tips for your wedding, check this out.

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