Your PR It Girl! Liz Osho Covers Our August 2023 Special Issue

Liz Osho for TW Magazine NG

Liz Osho is our brand-new cover star and we are excited to let you in on this special issue.

From working a 9-5 job to creating one of Nigeria’s leading PR agencies – So.Me Solutions, Liz is showing that there is more to her than meets the eye. For over a decade, Liz has carved a niche for herself in the media industry, making a name for herself and the PR plug you need.

In this special issue, we see who Liz Osho is today – Founder, Social Media Influencer, Author of her new book “Who Do You Think You Are”, Mum and much more. You’ll get to dive into how So.Me celebrated 7 years, Liz story straight from her lips and get some amazing PR advice.

Liz Osho for TW Magazine NG

Take a sneak peek;

For well over 10 years now, we have met several variations of Elizabeth Osho. Who would you say you are today, right now?

Today I am first and foremost a mother; that is the one title and role that I hold the most dear. It is a role that I fought so long and so hard to get and it is a role that just means the world to me. I am a wife, and we would have been married for 8 years this December. And of course, I am a Founder. I founded So.Me Solutions – a Public Relations firm in Lagos, Nigeria. And I am a child of God. That’s who I am right now.

You’ve had a love affair with the media industry for a long time – sometimes in front of the camera, sometimes behind it, and sometimes orchestrating the conversations around it. How’s it been so far?

It goes without saying how powerful the media is. This industry plays a vital role in shaping public discourse, disseminating information, and influencing cultural trends. And of course, it has been critical to me in my role as I build a Public Relations firm.

My involvement in the media industry has offered me the opportunity to express my creativity, share stories and contribute to public discourse. I naturally fell in love and fit quite nicely within the Public Relations space of my love of media – and this has been exciting and dynamic.

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Over my 18+ years of experience in media now, I’ve come to gain a good understanding of the industry’s complexities and have a strong awareness of the societal impact that media has.

Liz Osho for TW Magazine NG

This issue also packs some amazing content that is sure to inspire the career woman in you. Interswitch‘s Adaobi Okerekocha shares how she went #BackToTheSwitch after leaving, and we dive into the entrepreneurial mind of BoleBoxx Founder, Ibiwari Omoifo.

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