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Travelling Soon? Here are Some Amazing Ways to Pack Light

Travelling Soon? Here are Some Amazing Ways to Pack Light

how to pack light

Packing for a getaway, whether short or long, can be a challenge. The struggle to stuff everything you own into a suitcase or bag is real.

You think of taking your favourite pink dress for a formal dinner, then you remember it has matching shoes and you absolutely have to take those, too. Then you remember that it is sleeveless and the night may be windy, so, in goes a large coat. Then, your bathrobe, three books to read on the journey, jewellery case, cosmetics and makeup, toiletries. What about this and that? Before you know it, you have packed three large bags for a weekend getaway. Wahala!

As funny as this may sound, it is usually confusing and annoying when you are trying to figure out where to put what and what to leave behind. Especially if you’re trying to figure out how to pack light.

In this post, we have compiled a list of five tips that you can adopt to show how to pack light for a getaway, without fear of forgetting anything important.

1. Use a functional bag

how to pack light

This is the first step in ensuring that you do not haul all the inhabitants of your closet with you. When we say functional, we do not necessarily mean large. We mean a bag that is portable, yet able to hold everything you need. Besides, a large bag or suitcase will only tempt you to pack more than you need. If you are going hiking or doing something informal, then a backpack with space for equipment, water bottles, sunscreens and other essentials will be more ideal than a suitcase.

2. Choose only what you need

how to pack light

After getting a bag that has compartments for all the paraphernalia that you need for your getaway, you need to make the difficult decision of limiting your packing to the essentials. You could make a list of your intended activities and let that inform your choices. Pack only what is absolutely necessary.

3. Pack strategically

how to pack light

You also need to be strategic in your choices. Try, as much as possible, to select items that do not rely on other items to be functional. For example, if you’ll need two pairs of dresses, choose a pair of shoes that will complement both dresses.

4. Folding technique

Fold your clothes into tight little squares or rolls that take up less space than the standard folding technique. The largest and most inflexible items (coats, hats or shoes) should go in the bottom of your bag or box while you put smaller and more adaptable items around them.

Here are some great folding techniques you can use;

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5. Jewellery, makeup, toiletries and the like

how to pack light

Use smaller, pliable containers to hold what you are taking along, then tuck them into spaces in between the items in your bag. And with that you’re ready to go, all packed and light – you might not even need to check in your bag. Now that’s a blessing in how to pack light!

Taking only what is necessary is the key to packing light. If you apply these simple tips next time you are going on a trip, you’ll find that you will cut out a considerable number of unnecessary things from your bag, including regret and heavy luggage fees.

If you need more tips, check here for more!

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