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Find out six ways to bring the outdoors in below.


Breathing purified air, healing, recovery, and restoration, increased productivity, more Vitamin D plus calm, relaxing ambience are some of the benefits of staying outdoors. Furthermore, the immense benefits of being in nature and interacting closely with its elements – green plants, sunlight, water– cannot be overemphasized.

Happily, you do not have to go outdoors to enjoy these benefits, when you can do so in the comfort of your home. Did you just ask how? That’s a piece of cake. You simply open your doors to nature and watch it walk right in. Here are six ways to do so:

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  • Lights Au Naturel: Open the curtains and blinds to let your home bask in the sunlight.
  • Open Windows: With your windows open, nature easily serenades you with cool fresh and purified air.
  • Sight For Sore Eyes: Clear all trash, overgrown gardens and lawns, so that by the time you open your windows and blinds, you are enticed by the pleasant ambience, surrounding your home. If you have no greens, put potted plants outside your windows.
  • In Greener Pastures: Bring in the plants and greens into your home. Make use of potted plants, moss walls, and carpets, planters hanging from the ceiling and beautiful plant arrangement as artwork. Fill empty spaces with plants and spice things up with flowers – definitely not artificial.
  • Natural Elements and Materials: Introduce natural materials for floors, walls, and furniture. These could be wood walls, floors and furniture, stonewashed basins, rattan chairs and vases or bricks as a backdrop. Decorate with rocks, seashells, an aquarium, jars of beach sand, antlers, wreath or framed pictures of any of them. Perfect it with a ZenFountain or any other water fountain.
  • Fruity Fragrance and Aromatherapy: Put lemons and limes in a fruit bowl and place at the centre of your table – for decoration and aroma. Diffuse a few drops of essential oils like peppermint oil and lavender oil in your home for long-lasting natural fragrance.

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